My days of the week, for the most part, are filled up by a percentage system that I've recently been implementing to try to discover new things about myself and ultimately what work/life balance suits me. Where's my groove -- that sweet spot that allows me to achieve in the noise and basque in the silence? What's my adequate amount of 'we time' and 'me time' and how can I find new ways to integrate the two? In my past life, I felt so much stress, friction and weight that it was almost unbearable to find joy in my achievements. I would always find myself with more stuff, bigger things and shinier objects, yet nothing filled up the void that was within me. I know there's so many different internal and external faucets that contributed to this feeling of disenchantment but I see now that my lack of a lone time with myself was a huge one.

Lately I've been diligently reconstructing the schematics of my workdays to allow myself to thrive in the "we" and "me". I schedule meetings at places that I enjoy. Places that make me happy and I try to find a new place each week. No longer encapsulated by office walls, I make it a point to sit in open air and feel the sunshine as we talk about strategy. I also make it a point to walk around by myself afterwards and take in the scenery. It's amazing how much we miss by simply not looking. It's also a great way for me to digest the information while exercising my creativity (I always have a camera or two in my bag). It's astonishing how much I've gained since mobilizing this type of scheduling and post-ritual. 

Another big one for me is that I bring a book wherever I go. That way I can sit with myself before or after and get lost in the pages. I've found this to be a great way to prime my mind for whatever information I'm about to receive. 

Date - 10.10.2022 / Camera - Sony® Cybershot TX