This was a very busy weekend. Things started off at Calabra inside of the Santa Monica Proper Hotel. I was excited to meet a new friend there but I would be lying if I said I wasn't equally as enthusiastic to see the interior workings of Kelly Wearstler. Both did not disappoint.

 I had a meeting in Costa Mesa at one of my favorite places, The Lab where I engaged in a beautiful conversation with an amazing woman who is already doing the work that I aspire to do. I'm a firm believer that the universe will put people in your path that can give you insight and advice on how to build-out your business model and your approach when it comes to being of service to others. Talks like these are a necessary component, not only on a personal level but also a spiritual level as well. They quickly remind me of how powerful I am and how much I have to offer others and this experience that we call life.

After my meeting I rushed over to my friends house in Santa Monica. I walked in, gave her a hug and took a quick fifteen minute nap as she showered. I did an outfit change and then we headed off to Primavera Sound. My friend was kind enough to surprise me with tickets but I'm going to be honest, although it was a super sweet gesture, I was on the fence about going. I'm not one who enjoys crowds and is somewhat socially awkward. I told myself I need to start stretching out of my comfort zone and I'm glad I did. I had a great time and the highlight of the event was watching Nine Inch Nails. I don't listen to their music anymore but the fifteen year old grungy skater kid in me totally caught a vibe. You know I had a good time because my eyes didn't finally shut until 2am -- which is extremely rare for me.

I woke up a few hours later and headed off to Church. Pastor Erwin has embarked on a three-week message about Starting Fresh. This was week two and yet again I felt like this was a message that many needed to hear or be reminded of, myself included. After that I stopped by my aunts birthday party for a bit and caught up with some of my family. It was nice seeing everyone but I was functioning on fumes. It was time to call it a day.

Overall this was an amazing weekend with a lot of special and valuable moments and memories. While sitting here writing this something quite powerful hit me, this was the first time in over three years that I sat at an actual bar and had a great time without being tempted or at least nudged to drink. There wasn't a voice telling me that I looked awkward or was being judged because I wasn't drinking. This was my first live music experience being completely sober, and guess what? I still had a great time. This weekend was a real marker in the road of where I am and how far I've come. It's truly amazing to sit in this feeling of gratitude and happiness for where I am. I'm so proud of myself and though I still have so much more work to do (and always will) this, right now, is all that matters.

Date - 9.1.2022 / Camera - Panasonic® VG-170