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Super rare JVC® mini digital camcorder. This is one of the hardest to find palm-sized digital video recorders we've come across. There's currently one listed on eBay for $650 but we felt that price was a bit absurd. Features a built in lens hood, pop out flash and video light and a swivel body that allows you to get low angle shots. Urban legend says this was the predominant machine for capturing compelling skate videos. The 5 megapixel sensor will surely yield you those authentic Y2K retro vibes.


  • Lens: 10X Zoom with Hoo
  • Mega Pixel: 5.1
  • Focus Adjustment: Auto
  • 2.5" LCD Display


  • Exterior: Near Mint
  • LCD: Clean
  • Battery Tested: Yes
  • Shutter: Works
  • Flash: Works
  • Tested: Yes, works great


Battery and charger

Has been tested and is sold as is. Comes sanitized prior to shipping.