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Pentax® 60X point and shoot 35mm film camera. I honestly love this camera and was shocked when I got my film back. The photos were sharp and had a lot of the aesthetics that you would expect in a higher-end compact. Perhaps the hype hasn't caught on yet. You can view sample images here.


  • Lens Aperture: F/3.8
  • Min Focal Length: 38mm-60mm
  • Focus Adjustment: Auto
  • Auto Advance
  • Auto Rewind


  • Exterior: Near Mint
  • Viewfinder: Clean
  • Battery Tested: Yes
  • Battery Type: 2 CR123
  • Shutter: Works
  • Flash: Works
  • Film Tested: Yes


As shown

Has been film tested and is sold as is. Comes sanitized prior to shipping.