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Pentax®Espio 140V point and shoot 35mm film camera. This is by far one of the best compact cameras that I've ever used. It hands down can keep up with the image quality of Yashica® T4 and in my opinion, it out performs any Olympus® Stylus Zoom. Completely overlooked and one of the very few cameras that hasn't caught an over-inflated price tag for what you get. You can view sample images here.


  • Lens Aperture: f/5.8 -11.8
  • Min Focal Length: 38mm - 140mm
  • Focus Adjustment: Auto
  • Auto advance
  • Auto Rewind


  • Exterior: Minimal Wear
  • Viewfinder: Minimal dust
  • Battery Tested: Yes
  • Battery Type: 1 CR123
  • Shutter: Works
  • Flash: Works
  • Film Tested: Yes


Original lanyard

Has been film tested and is sold as is. Comes sanitized prior to shipping. Free stickers  with every camera order.