In 2009, with just one idea, and minimal knowledge on how to work a camera, Danny Steezy began taking photographs of his friends at booze-fueled house parties in his small hometown of Thousand Oaks, CA. Instantly, he was hooked and set out to photograph anything and everything. In the beginning, it was challenging for him to find diverse subjects to photograph. Naturally, to compensate, he would point the lens at his girlfriend of the time. In 2010, the journey was only enhanced when Steezy purchased a Leica Minilux 35mm film camera. Rather than editing his images, he discovered true beauty in film candids. They resonated with his childhood, and with ease, he suddenly found himself falling in love with the timeless attributes of film.

[2011] Steezy successfully published numerous images and began manufacturing his first screen printed T-shirts. Completely self-taught in branding and product development, he noticed he was gaining a small following of repeat customers. Immediately, the products were selling out via word of mouth, Tumblr, and his website at the time, Simply Steezy.

[2012] To pursue his new life, Steezy gave up his job, his car, and began living in hostels and hotels all over Los Angeles. He thrived off of the energy in the city and the dynamic faces that resided within it. This year was rich in partying, photographing, and living life with no heed. Traveling with only two bags in hand, one containing a few clothes, and the other with his cameras, Danny knew he had to establish stability.

[2013] Seeking stability, Steezy moved into his friends living room in Hollywood right next to Supreme® on Fairfax Avenue. At this time, the area was the mecca of street fashion and his rent was only $300 a month. At night, he slept on the hardwood floor. During the day, he walked up and down "the block"  trying to make friends and gain clients. At this point, although Steezy was penniless, he was rich with determination to figure out the key to success. Slowly, he began meeting innovative people and started shooting small projects for them. Consistently putting out new content on blogs and habitually shooting for any brand in his reach, Danny noticed he was getting booked and promoted by a lot of the brands he had admired. For instance, Fuct® and Stussy®. Unexpectedly, Fuct® published Steezy's photos in multiple publications around Japan and almost immediately, Danny noticed sudden changes in his professional life.

[2014] Steezy moved into an extraordinarily small, one bedroom apartment, only a couple of streets down from the floor he had once slept on. At this time of his life, Danny began to increase his focus, and knew he had to work harder than ever just to afford his rent. With persistence, his clientele increased, along with the quality of his products. Eventually, he started shooting editorials for international publications located in Paris and Asia. Shortly, Steezy was offered by Blackscale®, to shoot a new group of artists that he's never heard of;  A$AP Mob. Completely oblivious of their music, he took the offer and shot the assignment in an empty swimming pool, in the middle of the hood. The photographs quickly took off on Hypebeast® and numerous of other influential websites of the time. From then on, getting booked became consistent. Danny enjoyed this steadiness for a couple of years, but then, began to feel burnt out with that particular aspect of the industry. Yet again, he sought out for a change. As his taste for quality evolved, Steezy knew he had to alter what and who he photographed.

[2016] At this point, Danny Steezy has worked for a majority of the lifestyle brands he admires, but, decided to switch up his rhythm, and start implementing high-end and vintage fashion pieces into his artistic vision. By continuously applying all of the accumulated knowledge he's gained throughout the years in branding, strategizing, and creative directing Steezy spearheaded the trajectory of like minded companies that are deliberately seeking to expand their audience. At the end of the year, Steezy moved into his biggest apartment yet, and started building his team. With direct involvement, and equity in a handful of companies, Steezy progressively strives for more as he manages to keep his identity anonymous, all while allowing his work to speak for itself. 

[2017] This website was launched, the Greymrkt® and Poster Club was formed and more companies got added to the branding and consulting clientele. At this moment in time it's 1:43am on January 29th 2017........ lets see how much we can add to the year.






With an emphasis on fashion and lifestyle photography, Danny Steezy strives to capture honest and genuine moments while continuously raising the bar of how he executes what comes through his lens.


We help shape and guide the story you want to tell through your creative perspective or products. We have helped many clients find their unique and appealing voice.


We have built a solid network of relationships and are constantly working with influencers, creatives and media outlets. This is a great way to get your company noticed in an organic yet strategic manner.


Our team thrives on using our knowledge to help others get started or further their concepts and business. We implement and facilitate anything from marketing to product branding and production.





  • Fuct®
  • Benny Gold®
  • Stussy®
  • Huf®
  • MLTD®
  • Primitive®
  • 9Five® Eyeware
  • Diamond Supply Co®
  • BKRW® - FR
  • Urban Outfitters®
  • Only®
  • Lafayette® - JP
  • Lafayette® - US
  • Privilege® - JP
  • Privilege® - US
  • Adidas®
  • Ugg®
  • Greats®
  • 10Deep®
  • Franklin & Marshall®
  • Rochambeau®
  • Blackrainbow® - Paris
  • Ollie Magazine® - JP
  • Rudo® Magazine - JP
  • Common® Magazine - JP
  • Hypebeast®
  • Freshness®
  • Complex®



Think it, make it, never look back.