It’s a new year, a new us. Rather than doing the typical Hollywood Hills house party or a club shindig to end the year, we decided to lock ourselves into a suite at the Crescent Hotel in Beverly Hills for a few days. This was honestly a random decision but I knew I didn’t want to wake up in 2019 with a hangover like I have every other new year. I wanted to wake up feeling refreshed, inspired and next to one of my favorite humans and that’s exactly what I did. I wouldn’t be doing my due diligence if I didn’t speak on behalf of how accommodating the hotel staff was. Anything we needed, they immediately brought to us. We even requested to switch rooms on NYE just to see the decor and they happily obliged on one of the busiest days of the year. Talk about service. Each morning we were greeted with a complimenting high-brow breakfast in the lounge area and from 5pm-6pm all beers and wines were on the house (I definitely got my monies worth). The ambiance was honestly second to none. As soon as we walked through the doors a flood of creativity hit me. Massive iconic photographs of timeless moments captured in culture cascaded on the walls while the plush and aesthetically pleasing decor embraced your creative palette like a warm hug, all well whispering in your ear that you’ve arrived. Honestly it was like entering a dreamland. The location is one street down from Rodeo Drive which means if you’re anything like us, your bank account will be upset with you once you walk across the street and into Saint Laurent. All-in-all this was an amazing place to spend the last few days of 2018 and waking up surrounded by so many inspiring things (and the person you adore) was the absolute best way to kick off 2019. If you’re looking to travel to Beverly Hills or like us and want to have a little stay-cation I definitely recommend you look into booking a suite, you won’t regret it. Thank you again to the Crescent for everything and I’m sorry I didn’t take more photos but I was too busy enjoying my time. You can see a small clip I shot here.

Happy New Year everyone and I wish you nothing but success, happiness and a new viewpoint on life. Make this your decade!

- Danny Steezy


We’re extremely excited to start receiving our SS©19 production. The pieces in this range embody our highest standards of quality that we’ve ever implemented. For example, our new hats feature metal hardware and are fully lined to hide any distractions from the embroidery. It’s all about the details. Pieces are slated to release in February at the Chateau Marmont. Stay tuned!

- Staff


We released these back in 2014 (before Vetements® made their infamous jumpers) and we’re still constantly being bombarded with emails asking us to bring them back. So once again we’re teaming up with our leather makers and producing an updated version of our multi-tool lighter cases. We just got the sample in and it’s by far one of the coolest accessories we’ve ever made. The attention to detail is second to none.  Expect these to drop sometime in December.

- Staff


It’s very interesting how we live in an era where we’re all self-proclaimed documentarians. We walk around with our faces fixated on a screen while trying to maneuver cinematically in a way that makes every day life become interesting to an audience of individuals we’ve never met. I would say majority of the world has a vlog (video log for those whom are still living in the analog stratosphere) where they see their reality through pixels rather than the actual retina they where born with. I could go on forever about how this is breeding a society of individuals who simply like to see themselves existing in a world of “thumbs ups” and “subscribers” and “likes” rather than actually living in the first-person spectrum. As much harm as this has done I can’t neglect the opposite side of this media induced narcissistic tsunami that captures moving images like a visual scrapbook of peoples lives that will live on long after they’re gone. Just like every self-induced evil of the world, there is a antidote that does bring comfort to the human soul, such as those who share their outlook in a way that impacts people or adds value to their lives. Nevertheless, we felt the need to voice these views, whether good or bad, in a way that demands thought. Let’s be honest, how many times have you been out to dinner and the whole table is looking at their phones rather than each other? How many times have you wanted to share a special moment with someone you love but you’re interrupted by the arm in the sky and red blinking light? Our whole point is, put down the device momentarily and spend time in a physical social setting where you can truly feel the human experience. 

Available here

- Danny Steezy