So many of us only show pieces of ourselves to the world rather than showing up fully exposed as our authentic Self. We tend to hide behind the masks that we fabricated for protection from rejection, or from our insecurities being fully seen. It’s time to remove these facades and lean into our truth. It’s time we start unlocking our authentic visibility and discover how to truly be seen by others. In this episode you’ll learn powerful strategies and insights on cultivating genuine connections, boosting self-confidence, and embracing vulnerability to create meaningful interactions and relationships.

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I don’t shop nearly as much as I used to but every now and then I come across something online or that I spot while I’m out and instantly go into hunting mode. A couple of months ago I was scrolling through some style pages and caught a glimpse of these re-interpreted pony hair Maison Margiela™ boots that originally released in the 80’s and then got re-introduced, or as MMM™ likes to phrase it “Replica” in their FW 2006 collection. It was love at first ‘site’ and the ultimate online romance began to bloom. I knew I had to have them and one day they would be mine. 

As luck tends to be on my side these days, I finally found a pair in a size close to mine (these particular boots fit two sizes up) and were priced at a ridiculously low asking price. Me being the haggler that I am, I couldn’t resist and began to initiate the negotiation. Honestly, by the end of the monetary back-and-forth it was as if the seller was paying me to take them off of their hands, which I gladly did. 

Pieces like this are all that I’m interested in these day because it hits all of my senses. First there was the chase, the hunt, which is always fun and thrilling. Then there’s the haggling, the sensation of me getting exactly what I want for less than what I’m willing to pay. And finally, and most importantly, I’m investing in something that I truly love and will enjoy wearing for as long as I have it. It fits my personal style and becomes a staple in my wardrobe. It makes me happy and I feel good when I style it. And the cherry on top – I can flip it for 10x what I paid if I ever choose to do so.

Shop smart, buy only what you love and make sure its something that represents you, your style and your aesthetics. Don’t spend money or time on things that will only make you smile for a moment.




I attended my first ACA (Adult Children of Alcoholics) support group and was surprised by how safe I felt and how much I had in common with the strangers surrounding me. Track with me in this episode as I unpack my experience in real-time and share my personal take-aways. 

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I woke up in high spirits the other day. I jumped out of bed and into my morning rituals before sitting down and recording a podcast episode. During the recording I noticed my thoughts getting extremely scattered and unorganized. It was as if I was looking out of a dirty window and couldn’t make out the silhouettes in the distance. I was leaping from one topic to another all while trying to process the things I was landing on. Usually this a beautiful hopscotch between what’s in my mind and what comes to light when I verbally speak these thoughts to life through the microphone, but this was different. I felt mentally foggy and my vision was physically becoming impaired. I was seeing sun spots as if I was walking on the beach on a bright summer day without shades on.

As I was wrapping up the recording I instantly felt a pain behind my right eye. It was unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. It was like have a throbbing toothache in my eyeball with an uncontrollable pain that induced nausea. I laid on the ground with my heart beating rapidly, and to be completely honest with you, I was extremely concerned and on the brink of a panic attack.

After laying in different dim locations in my house for about forty-five minutes trying to seek solace and escape any light or noise, the pain became so overwhelming that I couldn’t contain the sea-sick-like symptom that was going on in my stomach. I ran to the restroom and held on for dear life. I heaved for what felt like forever before the acidic fluid in the pit of my gut made its way into the porcelain bowl that was staring back at me. I had an empty stomach yet the contents that was coming out was very familiar. It reminded me of the wrath I used to have to face on mornings after nights of not living right. Those frequent evenings spent sitting at my assigned stool at the bar as I poisoned myself. I wrestled with gravity as I got myself up just to flop myself back down on my bed. Confused and concerned, my eyes finally closed as I drifted off to sleep. 

Since I’m writing this, I clearly survived but I woke up with so many questions. The main one being “what the hell was that?”. After sitting with this for a few days I finally feel like I have my answer. It was my bodies response to stress, anxiety and overwhelm – all of which I didn’t even know I was experiencing. You see, I’ve had a toxic relationship with work since the day I decided to become my own boss. The day I took that leap of faith was the day I began my quest to prove everyone wrong, to give the middle finger to anyone who doubted me (mainly my dad). I was ferocious and relentless in my pursuits and year after year I built up a tolerance for how much I can do and how far I can go. It was ‘grind-culture’ and ‘beast mode’ before the terms even existed, and I was obsessed.. no, I was addicted. 

Because my threshold or endurance, if you will, for pain, stress, anxiety, pressure and overwhelm is so high now, I’ve created a disconnect between what my brain says and what my body feels. On any given day, regardless of the workload, my brain is like drill sergeant from hell. He yells at me to get my puny butt up and to keep going. But my body, even though it’s physically strong and such an amazing machine, it doesn’t have the same endurance. The brain talks, but the body walks – and mine has been sprinting. Because I’m so focused on my goals, I usually can’t hear when it’s telling me it needs it’s time to recharge. I often joke that my mind is like a Ferrari engine and my body is like a Tesla. Even though it’s built for optimal performance, its useless when the battery is dead. 

This experience was yet another reminder of how I need to start paying closer attention to what my body is trying to tell me. To be more present with myself and start looking for those signals within that transpire as physical indicators that it’s time to slow down. It’s astonishing how a backache can be stress or how a sore neck can be overwhelm or how an anomaly such as the experience I just had can be derived from internal tension that I wasn’t even aware of. Looking at it now, I can see so clearly what I was stressing over and the overwhelm that it is creating in the subconscious of my mind. I see now how it had no choice but to make itself known before I caused further damage to myself – It was my bodies way of protecting me, of loving me.

Look for the signs and give yourself exactly what you need, when you need it.



This might sound counter-intuitive to some, but for me, one of the most important elements that motivate me to step away from my desk and and go for a run, is my gear. The aesthetics play such a huge psychological role for me because if I think I look cool and if I feel cool – it makes me push harder. 

This is a huge reason why I see workout clothes as an investment. If I buy the things that I really like, those interesting items that make me feel good when I put them on, then the return is in my health because I know I’ll use them. And trust me, I know not everyone thinks like this but if you’re finding yourself in an unmotivated state, maybe you should try mixing things up starting with your attire. Treat yourself to a new pair of gym shorts or those shoes that you’ve been eyeing that you know while help you break through your PR.

Play with unique brands that make technically functional pieces and find what works for you – then go out and put those pieces to work.



Jenna is back in the Zen Den for another candid conversation where we talk about everything from non-negotiable’s in modeling, pathways to forgiveness, visualizing future-self and she even teaches me about Chat-GPT, her AI pen-pal whom I nicknamed, Chadwick. 

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I’ve never heard anyone openly speak about how packaging and selling positivity is a harder product to push. Especially in the beginning stages of the initiatives. As someone who has rapidly scaled a past business, one that was modeled around negativity, sexually explicit imagery and self-destructive antics, I can firmly say this positive space has been a much more challenging one to grow in. – In this episode I share my experiences from both sides of the spectrum and why the challenges are so worth it.

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Something that I’ve been noticing a lot about my current photography work is the intentionality behind the images. What am I trying to say with the mood, vibe or styling? And, how do I want the atmosphere to feel between the subject and I? This is all new for me, because let’s face it, in the past I would simply get drunk, turn up the music and just start pushing the shutter button. The energy would be high and the mood was fun but there was nothing under the facade. There was no real substance that tells a personal story beyond the obvious atmosphere of desires. And though I’m not proud of that work, it was a necessary part of my process and a fundamental part of my creative evolution. Which leads me to now. When I schedule a session I ask myself two very interesting questions that I didn’t ask in the past… 

1: Do I have something personal that I want to communicate? (story, feeling, memory, etc) 

2: What do I want us (myself and model) to walk away with? (connection, friendship, experience, emotion, memory, etc)

For instance, in the photos above with Tiffany, the styling was the focal point. I used Tiffanys natural energy and persona to transform her into this imaginary girl that I met by chance on the streets of London. Maybe she was a musician or a fashion designer. Her style is what caught my attention but her aura and spirit is what captivated me. This girl taught me about art and design and was highly intellectual, which surprised most people. She could quote books and explore theories and introduced me to obscure films and music that opened my mind. She was my muse in this imaginary world and I fell in love with her as we danced in the moonlight. – The clothes were the foundation in archetyping the character in this story and the energy under them is what brought her to life.

The clothes were inanimate objects until Tiffany put them on. She made them leap from shapes and textures to the heartbeat of my character. This was only possible by creating a genuine and sincere atmosphere of safety with her. I did this by being myself, by being extremely kind and setting an unspoken tone of professionalism between her and I. – How can I express this frankly so it lands? I wasn’t a creep. There was no flirting, no asking her to get naked and there was absolutely no energy exchanged that made her feel like there was any hidden agenda’s. 

Finding creative and moving ways to express your personal vision while capturing the audiences attention, through their imaginations and emotions, will always outlive any immediate visual response. And hence, that’s were the creative evolution transpires, not only within you, but through the seeds your work plants in the faculties of others. 

Look 1: Sunglasses (Versace), Bra (Alexander Wang), Leather Coat (Vintage Ron Herman), Trousers (Sisley)

Look 2: Sunglasses (Akila), Bra (Alexander Wang), Blazer (Maison Margiela), Trousers (Vintage Cartier)



Thrifting is something I’ve been doing for as long can remember yet it never gets old. It’s always so fun and exciting hunting for the needle in a haystack in your size. That charming, aged-to-perfection piece that truly fits your style and aesthetic. When you finally come across that one rare item, it’s like hitting the vintage jackpot. 

I’ve noticed a few brands playing with old sobriety logos and monikers over the past few season, which is nothing new but I can especially appreciate it when I know its not just for cache or street appeal. It’s compelling and vulnerable when the story is stemmed from truth. When it’s authentic and actually embedded in the brands DNA, namely Enfants Riches Deprimes™. It’s widely known that Henri Levy has his own battles with demons that he dances with on the canvas of his clothes, which makes it extremely personal. Since I too have had to fight the same fight, it speaks to me in a way the others don’t, or can’t. 

This 80’s single stitched Screen StarsNarcotics Anonymous shirt is by far my favorite find this month and I’ll be wearing it proudly.



I don’t know what’s been going on in my own little universe over the past two to three weeks but I’ve been feeling so good, so expansive and so ‘tapped in’. I feel so vibrant (more than usual) and can sense a tremendous shift taking place inside me that is creating a space for things to shift on the outside. I guess the only way I can really try to articulate this feeling into words is – everything in my being is telling me to get ready because something really big and powerful is about to transpire in my life. 

We need to listen and pay attention to these gut feelings, intuitions, these moments when we feel like we’re directly connected to Source (God/Universe/Nature) so when the positive shift starts to take place, we’re ready and receptive. We’re prepared for the task and the responsibilities that come with the gifts.