The flea market wasn’t as packed with vendors this time around but I did manage to stop by a few booths and find a couple of gems. My camera guy was kind enough to put aside a box of stuff for me to look through when I got there. I grabbed some cameras from him then stumbled upon a super sick pair of vintage Bollé® shades a few booths over. The seller was asking $15 for these neon relics from the 1980’s. I offered him $5 but he declined. I walked away and then ten minutes later went back and offered him $7 after I seen him make a sale. Knowing my chances were good while he was on a sellers high, he said, “you’re killing me” as he took my money. Score! All in all I spent around $50  for everything but had a great time haggling with the usual suspects. It’s kind of funny how we are getting on a first name basis.