Episode No.18 of the SS/OUND WAVES® Podcast just got release and guess what that means? I’ve already put out more episodes this year than I have in the past two years. I know this is a small victory, but it’s an accumulation of small victories that compound over time that result in us achieving our goals. Celebrate the small wins when you get ‘em and squeeze as much juice out of them as you can before reaching for another piece of fruit, because it’s better to savor the flavor than to chug and completely miss the taste.

There’s a lot of good parts in this conversation but one that really stood out to me was when we touched on making new friends, because this is something that I’ve been mindfully dabbling in lately. In my old life I was that popular dude with a camera and on any given day I could be found at my habitual watering-holes with friends all around me. These days I’m that guy with a book that’s usually sitting by myself at a coffee shop, and that’s been designed by choice. I really wanted to learn how to enjoy spending time with myself because it was something that was super challenging for me. I would always hear that shame inducing voice pop-up and say “only losers hangout alone. What’s wrong with you? You’re weird. Everyone is staring at you!” Little by little it started getting easier, and then it got fun, and now I absolutely love my solitude – almost to a fault. 

I’m not saying that I currently I don’t have any friends, in fact I have a handful of great ones that really enhance my life, and visa-versa. But I do know that life is about carefully fostering and cultivating enriching relationships and I want to be a little more open to letting new high-caliber individuals in. But where does one find these spiritual sherpas that also like to guide people (especially themselves) to this enchanting place called, happiness?

Kendal, definitely opened my mind when she shared how she uses the buddy-system as a means of establishing contact and connection with like-minded humans.

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