I’ve been obsessed with the Agfa™ Optima Sensor series 35mm cameras since I stumbled upon them online last month. If you’re an industrial design buff like me you, you’ll appreciate all of the mindful design elements that went into the final production of these compact shooters. For starters you, your eye gets directly drawn to the big red shutter button and huge viewfinder. Its like looking out of a window of your dream home into your dreamworld. You also can’t help but to notice the uncanny resemblance of old Braun™ designs by none other than the infamous, Dieter Rams. The cameras are lightweight and jam packed with German engineered technology that was extremely advanced for the 1980’s era but still function seamlessly in todays photographic exploration. As soon as my eyes scanned over the images of the Agfa™ Optima Sensor online, it was lust at first sight.

As of today, I officially have three of the series that I had to have shipped from different corners of the world. Two Optima Flashes and one Optima Sensor (same as the 535) and have one more on the way from Japan. The funnest part about collecting these cameras is the fact that you have to search and source them from all over the world as there’s not too many people who want to let go of the ones that have survived over the years. If anyone out there reading this has one for sale, please let me know :)