Another year on this earth, another 365 days of lessons, another 365 days of growth. I’m not one who particularly enjoys birthdays and rarely like to celebrate them but this year I have a lot to be grateful for, a lot to celebrate. I’m alive, I’m healthy, I create on a daily basis, I strive to be better than I was; and I have a wonderful person in my life that makes me extremely happy. There really isn’t much else that I could ask for because I know with just that short list, I have more than most. I made a promise to myself that the next 365 days is all about giving back. Giving more than what people ask for and to show up in ways that are new for me. To express being confident enough in myself to fully follow through with my own ideas and not be steered by others. To make a journey through the tough roads in order to get to the places that I was always meant to go. Thank you to my amazing girlfriend and future mother-in-law for decorating and for all of the lovely gifts. I’m truly overwhelmed and so lucky. Thank you to everyone who messaged me and for all of the kind messages, you guys are the best.