When my friends ask me if I can take digitals of them so they can send them off to agencies, my first response is, “boring”. In this case it was actually quite fun and somewhat intimate. I mean that in the sense of, I have never seen Kate without any makeup on. To be completely honest, she was somewhat shy. I mean, I have known her forever and if there’s two things we don’t show, it’s her bare face and my feet (I know, I’m just really weird about it). Anyway, to say that I wasn’t more captivated by her after this would be false. Something really amazing happened once she started feeling comfortable. It’s as if the layers of the true her, the honest person inside that I personally know and adore, came out for everyone to see and it was nothing short of beautiful. Fast forward, she got signed in New York and Miami. Oh, and I got a new camera. 

*All images are completely raw aside from turning them B&W.

- Danny Steezy