I’m starting a new personal exercise where I randomly pick a new point and shoot 35mm film camera each month and see what I can create with it. Little fun exercises like this keep your eye sharp and the mind constantly looking for how to frame images and not get so caught up with the technical aspect of what you’re capturing the moment with. It’s been said millions of times and I’m a firm believer of it, “the best camera, is the one that you have with you”. For the first round I decided to go with a Yashica™ Partner AF that I randomly found on eBay. I like it because it’s brand new, never used and after holding it for the first time and testing the shutter, it’s the epitome of a “plastic fantastic”. I’ll share the images at the end of April.

Personal rules for this exercise: 

  • I can’t use a P&S camera that I already own or have used (no T’4 or MJU’s or Minilux’s) 
  • The camera has to be selected or thrifted at random
  • The camera can’t cost more than $100 (this will also be a exercise to sharpen my haggling skills)
  • The film has stay consistent - Portra 400 only
  • The film lab has to stay consistent 
  • One photo a day
  • Zero editing or cropping

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