I surprised, C, with a little daily reminder of my gratitude for her and what she adds to my life. I’ve really been trying to teach myself how to be the best version of myself in our relationship. To listen to her, discover her likes, her interest and what makes her happy. I know just showing up for her emotionally is all she really wants from me but how do I stay consistent? How do I continue to be there for her through her highs and lows, to listen to her after a long day at the office or simply remind myself to put my arms around her to make her feel safe and protected? I know these are all small things but in the pursuit of success these gestures can tend to get lost. Just like in my business ventures, I have a tendency to try to deconstruct everything and put it back together in its most simplest form and in doing so in our relationship I discovered that if I simply continue to do what I did in the beginning, things will never get old. Little meaningful gifts, hand written notes, calls just to hear about her day and random texts just to let her know I’m thinking of her. These are all things I did that got us to where we are now and what I’ve taken from this formula is this; never stop watering the seeds of a meaningful relationship if you want things to continue to grow. It has honestly taken me to this point in my life to discover just how simple it can be to pursue happiness with the person you adore if you consistently exercise the muscle of reminding yourself of how you felt in the beginning. The excitement, the happiness, the laughter, the appreciation, the safety, the beauty, the sheer gratitude for what you have.. it never has to end. That’s pretty powerful.