Hunting for deals is one of my favorite things to do when it comes to buying clothes. I think it’s absurd to spend $800+ for a pair of trousers or walk around with tons of designer logos on you at any given time. I think style is something that comes with confidence in who you are, rather than the need to project figures of a price tag onto others just so you can get a hit of validation from people who ultimately don’t care. I feel so deeply about this, about people living above their means just to fit in or feel good about themselves that I even faced one of my biggest fears and recorded a video about it. I’m kicking off my YouTube channel with a video of how I search for deals on pieces that suit my personal style. Moreover, I even talk about how you can make a buck or two while shopping. For instance, These Helmut Lang jeans retailed for $345 and I paid $105. The Marc Jacobs x Magda Archer sweatpants retailed for $195, I got them for $100. The Helmut Lang fleece joggers retailed for $200 and I got them for $50. The Nike x Martine Rose sneakers are selling for around $180, I got them at the outlet for $40. All of which I could easily sell and make a 200% return on my investment. Granted, if you have disposable income and collect clothes as one might acquire works of art, for the beauty and process of the creation, then so be it. Everyone deserves to collect what makes them happy. This is more geared for those who go broke just to keep up with the Joneses. And I say this from the perspective of someone who was once participating in that never-ending race.  

P.s. I can’t believe I fit into a size 28 pant now!