We took a mini road trip over the weekend to the Palm Springs adjacent Desert Hills premium shopping outlets, or simply better known as Cabazon. I haven’t been there in my adult years but always hear about the infamous Gucci outlet. Unlike the Camarillo outlet counterpart where you can only find 10-15 past season products in the store on a good day, here you can find a full selection of complete seasons at a crazy discounted price. Sounded too good to be true so I had to check it out for myself. Without doing any research upon our arrival I was mostly excited to hit the double ‘G’ adorned store but then walking through the layout I discovered that this outlet has EVERYTHING. Pretty much any high-end designer has a store there and even those somewhat under-the-radar brands such as James perse (who I aesthetically love) is nestled right next to Sandro. I couldn’t believe it. Then walking up to the Gooch my eyes shifted to the logo beside it that read, Saint Laurent. I didn’t even have to bother, I knew exactly where I was going first and I’m sure glad I did. Walking in, the sweetest girl, Ashley, took care of me and helped me find my new favorite pants. These striped wool pajama vibe lightweight jogger trouser things (originally $1,290 down to $350) were a must and the last pair in stock. Ashley got me a few pairs of denim that didn’t fit quite right so she went back to see what her little magical hands could find and appeared with the last pair of faded black DO2’s in a size 30 (Originally $750 down to $200). I tried them on and told Ashley that if we weren’t amidst a pandemic I would hug her. She told me to save it and that she’ll collect when it’s over. We hit a few others stores where my card took a beating but we ironically never even ended up going into Gucci. It’s okay, I think this is going to a be a frequent adventure.