In this episode of the SS/OUND WAVES® Podcast I touch on the experience I had with rediscovering and reactivating this blog. I reflect on the scared little boy I was when I left, and the strong loving man I became when I returned. 

I’ve found on this warriors journey of mine that the most fulfillment has come from the ability to love all of me, even the pieces that used to bring me shame, embarrassment or felt like they were unlovable. Accepting and celebrating all of me as equal parts has given me the propensity to repurpose my fear and turn it into faith. The facility to turn my old messes into my new messages and open up an undiscovered pathway to true creative freedom. Who you were isn’t who you have to be, and when you lean into your new story, you unlock all of your superpowers – you become your authentic self and an ambassador of love.

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