I was thinking about who my current contemporaries are. Who inspires me, whose work moves me and who has impacted my life in a meaningful way. I was closely looking at these figures and mentally evaluating what characteristics string them together. I found that it’s this – they are all curious of their own internal mechanics, they are continuously in pursuit of self-discovery and they are all in a space of service and/or contribution. Oh, and they are all master communicators.

It was quite refreshing to take inventory of this cast of characters and to see that I have so many of the same virtues and aspirations as the people who inspire me today (or as the kids would like to say, my G.O.A.T’s). But this spiritual, emotional and professional alignment is something new to me because when I think about who used to inspire me in the past, they didn’t embody any of my current beliefs. Creatively, they were the bar in which I measured my own success, but humanly or emotionally, they could have been bankrupt for all I know. I was never inquisitive to seek or explore the human behind the artwork. The face behind the camera. The soul behind the facade.

What about you? Who are your G.O.A.T’s and do their virtues align with yours? Do you only admire them for what they have to sell, or do also stick around for what they have to give? What do they stand for and what do they have to say? It was a really interesting space that I explored in this episode as it all unfolded candidly. 

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