I started working on my first painting last week and I must say, it’s a lot harder than I thought. Perhaps this is why I have prolonged traveling down this road for years but it’s insane how merely applying pigments can get your creativity and brain working at full speed on the process of elimination. Your hands need to be trained to work as the vehicle for what your mind is trying to project onto the blank canvas and this can only happen when you become disciplined in the medium. I love the challenge and look forward to making tons of atrocious paintings until my personal perspective finally starts to take shape. This isn’t something that can be rushed and I enjoy working on it intermediately when I take a break from my other creative dialogs. It really allows me to appreciate the experience of finding the viewpoint in which I want to create from. Getting lost in applying individual paints and seeing them merge into something that didn’t exist before really opens your mind and allows fresh ideas to form. It’s truly therapeutic and even the physical exertion that you feel when you use your body in a new range of motion is nothing short of magical.