There’s nothing better than exploring a neighboring area over multiple trips to make sure you didn’t miss any gems that were undiscovered prior, which is usually the case. We hit the canyon to do a bit of shopping but mostly just to get some fresh air and spend time outside together. We started at a very cute shop with an even cuter name, Pebbles, where I purchased a book for myself and a necklace for the lady. The shop owner was an amazingly kind soul that kept complimenting C and I. Next we went to a hat shop that just opened up named Busto. The owner recently brought his artisanship from Italy to the canyon and I’m sure glad he did because I can’t wait for him to make me a handmade hat. I’m honestly obsessed with the craftsmanship and love that you can see and feel through his creations. From there we went to Hidden Treasures, a very eccentric thrift store with an even funkier vibe and festive exterior that reflects the treasures one might find inside. This seems to be the most popular of the bunch with the younger crowd so expect a line if you plan to visit. We also stopped by a few more stores that I forgot to document because I was simply trying my hardest to not place my hand anywhere near my wallet or else I would have done some serious damage. It’s s fine, there’s always next time. Lastly, there’s a really interesting gentleman that parks his van on the side of the canyon and sells everything from vintage clothes to rugs and furs to used hair removal machines and video games. If you’re a re-seller, expect to pay top dollar and upscaling prices. If you’re into fashion and vintage, he will surely have something for you. Not only is exploring your area a great way for you to learn what it has to offer but it’s also an opportunity to introduce yourself and build relationships with like-minded individuals. It’s the foundation for a creative relationship that allows you to extend your services all while supporting local establishments.