One of the biggest questions I get is how to make money from taking photographs? I would say my perspective on this has always been the same, which prepared me for the climate that we’re experiencing at the moment and has allowed me to consistently bring in photo income. Since the beginning of my journey into poaching clients, my motto has always been, “they can’t pay me unless I make them pay attention first”. I’ve always been someone who takes initiative by visiting stores that I like or buys products that I’m into, then captures content the way I see fit and emails it to the companies/brands. I think of it as “the first one’s on me, the next one will cost you”. So, that’s my secret and it’s worked for me over the past ten years and I now extend it to you. It’s all part of the ecosystem, you support the companies that you like, take the initiative and reach out to them with content that you captured in your own unique way and then ask if they would like to work together in a creative capacity. Even if they don’t have the budget to hire you, chances are they’ll repost your image(s) which enhances your chances of someone who does have the budget seeing your work. You have to think of everything as an investment all while supporting the system that feeds your creativity and the local businesses surrounding you.