I got hit with a flash of inspiration during my 6am run on Monday morning. As my mental state was shifting from ‘fight or flight’ into a creative space, it was as if a light illuminated a dark corner of my mind where I found a concept that made so much sense, yet was never in my conscious awareness.

While running, I could see so vividly the concept and the content as well as the name of this new offering – ReelTalk. Just as the name states, it’s a new space that lives in my Reels where I share verbal information such as my tips and tricks to happiness, the daily post-it notes of my life that serve as reminders for me to keep going and the insights that has resulted as the sunshine inside of me, regardless of the weather outside. These are like minute and a half mini podcast episodes that I personally need to hear over and over again because my human brain is a fickle machine. It needs constant reminders of the proven strategies that I’ve learned and how to implement and integrate this information into my every day. 

I got home from my run and instantly started recording. It’s usually when ideas like this jump out at me, the ones that are not only creative and expressive but also rooted in something that is bigger than me – well, these are usually the ideas that scare the crap out of me but tend to be the ones with the biggest spiritual pay off. Let’s go!