Something that I’ve been noticing a lot about my current photography work is the intentionality behind the images. What am I trying to say with the mood, vibe or styling? And, how do I want the atmosphere to feel between the subject and I? This is all new for me, because let’s face it, in the past I would simply get drunk, turn up the music and just start pushing the shutter button. The energy would be high and the mood was fun but there was nothing under the facade. There was no real substance that tells a personal story beyond the obvious atmosphere of desires. And though I’m not proud of that work, it was a necessary part of my process and a fundamental part of my creative evolution. Which leads me to now. When I schedule a session I ask myself two very interesting questions that I didn’t ask in the past… 

1: Do I have something personal that I want to communicate? (story, feeling, memory, etc) 

2: What do I want us (myself and model) to walk away with? (connection, friendship, experience, emotion, memory, etc)

For instance, in the photos above with Tiffany, the styling was the focal point. I used Tiffanys natural energy and persona to transform her into this imaginary girl that I met by chance on the streets of London. Maybe she was a musician or a fashion designer. Her style is what caught my attention but her aura and spirit is what captivated me. This girl taught me about art and design and was highly intellectual, which surprised most people. She could quote books and explore theories and introduced me to obscure films and music that opened my mind. She was my muse in this imaginary world and I fell in love with her as we danced in the moonlight. – The clothes were the foundation in archetyping the character in this story and the energy under them is what brought her to life.

The clothes were inanimate objects until Tiffany put them on. She made them leap from shapes and textures to the heartbeat of my character. This was only possible by creating a genuine and sincere atmosphere of safety with her. I did this by being myself, by being extremely kind and setting an unspoken tone of professionalism between her and I. – How can I express this frankly so it lands? I wasn’t a creep. There was no flirting, no asking her to get naked and there was absolutely no energy exchanged that made her feel like there was any hidden agenda’s. 

Finding creative and moving ways to express your personal vision while capturing the audiences attention, through their imaginations and emotions, will always outlive any immediate visual response. And hence, that’s were the creative evolution transpires, not only within you, but through the seeds your work plants in the faculties of others. 

Look 1: Sunglasses (Versace), Bra (Alexander Wang), Leather Coat (Vintage Ron Herman), Trousers (Sisley)

Look 2: Sunglasses (Akila), Bra (Alexander Wang), Blazer (Maison Margiela), Trousers (Vintage Cartier)