The Konica® Hexar AF has been on my 2021 shopping list for a few months. I embarrassingly was lusting over it purely for vanity reasons but soon realized there’s more to it than just its exterior sophisticated sleek design. Its extremely minimal yet interestingly complex and the shutter is as silent as a meditation spell that one enters while transcending into a euphoric realm. It’s so silent in fact that there’s been a few frames that were muffled by the subtle street symphony of cars and people in a public space. In a newb-esque manner I had to double check the frame counter because I thought I missed the shot. It’s as if life is in iMax but the camera is on mute. It’s truly zen-like. 

Overnighted from Tokyo, the feeling that I got from holding this camera in my hands for the first time can only be expressed as a spiritual experience. I locked into a shooting position, placed my eye to the viewfinder and pressed the luxurious shutter. Not only did I feel like I was transported to a new dimension, the sheer luxurious feel of this camera will mentally catapult you into a new tax bracket. You enter a magical place when the light metering indicators illuminate on the glass as you frame your perfect shot. For me, this is the epitome of a well designed piece of machinery that also embodies the “X” factor, that indescribable hint of moon-dust that gets your blood pumping and imagination flowing in pursuit for capturing compelling photographs. It’s mind-boggling how this camera can be found for under $1,000 on the used market, especially when the lens has a reputation for being an autofocus equivalent to a Leica™ M body with the LeicaSummicron 35mm F2 lens mounted – with some claiming the Hexar lens is a legitimate Summicron killer.