I try to practice only making things that I actually need. In fact, pretty much everything that I’ve ever released is something that I’ve needed at one point or another on my SS journey (yes, that even includes the condoms and coke-spoon keychains that we put out a few years ago). I’ve used this approach for two reasons. One, I create for myself first, which helps keep me free from becoming a servant to a preconceived monetary agenda. Two, I don’t care if anyone buys the stuff I make because I know my circle and I will use them. Having this mindset makes it extremely rewarding when people outside of my bandwidth acquire SS goods. My products have traveled across the globe many times over again and yet I’ve never once left the country. The thought of that blows my mind and puts a huge smile on my face. 

I wrote out a long transparent and heartfelt Instagram post on why I made these coffee mugs and why they mean so much to me. The short version is – this one phrase, this one motto absolutely changed my life. That’s not to say that if you buy this cup you’ll get sober, fix your depression or spiritually and financially become wealthy. No, these mugs are not a cure-all, but they will remind you everyday, every morning, to fight to get what you want and to become who you were always meant to be.

Available here.