I’m pushing for 100 episodes this year and currently approaching episode No.18 of Season 2 of the SS/OUND WAVES® Podcast, which is astonishing to me because that means I’ve put out more content in the past four months than I have in over two years of working on this project. I went from recording on a small handheld Tascam® voice recorder, to a Rode® mic in my garage to now a set of Sure® SM7B’s in my dedicated podcasting space, aka, the Zen Den. I feel it’s only prudent for me to give a quick breakdown of why and how things shifted for me in this space. What held me up, and what lead me to freedom.

1. Self-Belief - I had to find it in myself that I’m capable of not only pursing a big dream, but that it’s also achievable.

2. Confidence - This is different than self-esteem (it took me years to realize that) and confidence is the fundamental superpower that allows you to keep saying “yes” when everyone else is telling you “no”. Even if it isn’t true ‘yet’, I always tell myself that I have the best podcast in the world. I say it so much that I actually began to believe it. That belief is like a canister of gas in your trunk for when you run out, and you will run out. – Believe in your product and sell it often.

3. Commitment - This was a game changer for me. I was always half in/half out because I wasn’t fully committed to this project, even though I knew the message was one of positivity. To sum this feeling up, I didn’t believe this podcast was mine yet and was too insecure of it to talk about it. Once I fully committed, this extravagant thing shifted in me, I fell in love with this project and I’m now so proud of it. I literally share it with everyone that I can, from the cashier to the stranger at the coffee shop to even my family (which is something that I’ve never done before). – Commitment in your belief will lead others to believe in your commitment.

5. Support - Speaking of telling and sharing my dreams, passion and purpose with my family; this is the first time I’ve let them be a part of my professional journey and man does it feel good to have them in my corner, rooting for me and believing in me. It gives me affirmation that the people who’ve seen my at my worst, acknowledge that I’m now at my best. It confirms that I am doing what I was meant to do. There hasn’t been an episode that I’ve released in the past four months that someone close to me hasn’t given me feedback. Either constructive or otherwise, its all positive and important because I know it’s authentic. – This also extends to the close friends in my life. 

6. Showing Up - Okay, this is probably the most common sense yet underrated or underestimated factor when it comes to not only chasing but also achieving your goal(s). You can’t enter a race, let alone win one, if you don’t first put on your running shoes and get yourself out the door. Showing up on a daily basis in pursuit of your mission is EVERYTHING. There are many episodes that I’ve recorded that suck and that will never get published. I was either tired, distracted, unmotivated or uninspired. The fact that I showed up and recorded them anyway is what gives me the edge for those magic moments when I’m in a flow-state and my message is told in an authentic and impactful way. There are no failures when you show up, there’s only lessons learned and muscles built. – Put on your shoes and run daily!

7. You Are Your Product - This actually needs to be its own podcast episode because there’s a lot to cover in this one. When I realized that I’m not selling anything, in fact I am now giving it all away for free, I realized that I am not only the product but I am also the packaging. Which means I can make this product as impactful, special, desirable and as high-end as I please. – What are you selling and why should people buy it?… And would you buy it for yourself?

8. Would You Do It For Free? - Speaking of giving away for free, I’m a firm believer that your passion, mission and purpose stem from the one thing you would do enthusiastically even if you never earned a dime from it. When your work or art is centered around your heart and is in service of others, the universe has a very endearing way of making sure your external life matches your internal experience. – Are you focusing on making dollars or making change?

9. Pay Attention - When I’m writing, recording, or talking about my aspirational pursuits, I can feel my physicality, voice and energy shift. I start smiling and getting excited. I get pumped up and feel this exhilarating energetic momentum take over my body. Are you feeling a dynamic shift when you engage in your work? – Our bodies tell us the things that our minds can’t say.

10. Move Your Feet - I used to do a lot of dreaming, a lot of talking and a lot of mental projections of future manifestations but always found myself disappointed or let down because these dreams weren’t coming into existence. Then I realized words that aren’t followed up with affirming actions forward are just that, words. Now I talk and I walk. I ramble and I run, because I know my words will tell people I coming but my feet will show people that I’ve arrived! – A winners words in lockstep with a winners actions will result in a winners experience.

I’m going to be honest, none of this was premeditated, I literally typed this entry in about five minutes with little to no effort on my end, which tells me that this was just as much for ME as it was for YOU. I believe in you, I believe in me and I know we can do this. Let’s go!