C, didn’t think she was creative because she’s the brain in the family, a degree from UCLA and another from Pepperdine. Major flex. When we first met I thought she had a very artsy vibe and knew there was something there. Little by little I’ve been letting her shoot the b-roll for my Youtube and even some photos, which at first were trash (sorry, babe). The more she does it, the more she’s been getting the hang of it. Yesterday I wanted to see if she could shoot me exactly how I would photograph someone because I needed to produce client content. I set up the camera for her and holy shit, she actually did it. It’s so rad to know that now we can output content whenever we need to without having to ask someone for help. And let’s face it, I am definitely not a model and refuse to let someone other than myself take photos of me but it’s awesome to now have the person I trust most be able to take snapshots and keep the integrity of my images the way I want them. Dream team.

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