SS20 D.I.Y

We released a limited number of our latest D.I.Y shirts yesterday via Instagram story. This was our first time attempting a dying application and wanted the shirts to resemble a watercolor drop cloth. A rag that would be used to soak up the excess paint that an artist would have on their brush while working on a canvas. We’re pleased with he results and the shirts sold out within 10 minutes.

Stay tuned for our next DIY project



Let me first start off by saying that we’re huge Hedi fans. It’s no secret that his pieces from when he was at Dior and Saint Laurent are some of our most prized possessions and as much as we want to love what he’s currently doing at Celine, it’s been really hard to get onboard. Of course there’s a few pieces sprinkled in here and there that we would love to have but when you jump to this newest collection, it really missed the mark for us. Perhaps it’s because we aren’t teenagers and part of the whole Tic-Tok wave but this collection doesn’t really say luxury to us. Then again, the more money you have, the more effortless you want to look, so from a business standpoint and the pressure of the current economy, we get that you have to move units.



Imagine taking a shirt you love to your favorite private beach in Malibu, letting it soak in the salty Pacific Ocean water and then laying it on the sand to let the sun fade it over the course of three weeks until the cotton has naturally broken into perfection. Then take that shirt to your studio and apply hand distressing and paint splatters to it so it represents the years of creating it would take to achieve these beautiful attributes to the garment. That’s exactly what we did to a very limited number of our SS Studio T-shirts. Each one is personally loved by hand and features it’s own charming characteristics just like us. The best part, they’ll get even better with age, just like you.



Go into nature and discover new trails to hike while enjoying all of the beauty that has been created by the higher powers. Explore but be respectful and courteous to other sightseers and be sure to implement social distancing practices and never leave home without your hand sanitizer. 



Starting my morning in a good mental state and on a higher frequency has been something that I’ve been trying to figure out how to do for some time. I used to wake up mad at the world for no particular reason other than having to face the day. I always noticed how my morning mood would dictate how my day was going to go and the amount of tasks I would complete. Then I started implementing new morning routines that eventually turned into my morning rituals to try to silence the negative voices in my head. I achieved this by setting my alarm for 5:30am and practicing gratitude. I say thank you for a new day, a new chance at doing something amazing. I say thank you for everything surrounding me (look at everything you have, may it be big or small and say thank you for it. Trust me, even if you don’t feel like you have much, there’s so many individuals out there with much less). I say thank you for my mind, my imagination, the skills that I have. I appreciate them all because they truly are blessings that not everyone was created with. Then comes my running ritual. Running has been a huge factor in the equation that has eliminated my depression and allowed my mind to stifle the negative thoughts and allow the positive ones to sing. I run for about an hour or two in nature and absorb the trees, the fresh air, all of the elements. Then I do a “cold dunk”. You can do this in the pool by jumping right in and doing a few laps, which I prefer because it instantly changes your physical and mental state, or you can do it in the shower by turning the water to the coldest it can get. Lastly, I read and write. Reading at least ten pages of a good book every morning has really allowed my mind to expand so I can kickstart my day and battle my emails and calls as articulate as possible. Plus, if you’re like me and see things visually in your mind when you read, it means your imagination is already awake and working which is always great for creativity. Writing your thoughts down either in a notepad or on your computer is really cool because it acts like a journal or a log of everything you were feeling that particular day. What you were upset about, what you were happy about it; it allows you to track where your mind is and you can look back from time to time and see what you later manifested into reality. It also proves to you that the problems that you thought were big at the moment were actually small in scale. By this time it’s around 9am and I’m ready to tackle the day in a very calm, collected and enthusiastic mood. It allows me to work at higher frequency that transcends throughout my personal growth. By doing these morning routines you can literally go from that moody, pissed off guy like I was – to an individual that inspires and pushes everyone around them to be better. I say this all of the time and I absolutely mean it, we all have the ability to change, to grow and to take control. We have the power to be our own source of happiness and motivation but I suppose it all comes down to how tired you are of having your surroundings or circumstances controlling you. Life is a very short ride and we only have one go at it. It’s up to you if you’re going to drive in circles or take the scenic route.