We find the best gems when shopping at charming boutiques in the canyon. I loved this unique “ashtray” that I found at Moona Star so much I decided to buy two of them and then reached out to the creators of Housetray® and told them I would like to work on a project with them in the near future, which they happily accepted. Stay tuned. 

Always support small businesses that are contributing design to the ethos. Cross promote, work together or simply buy their products as a way of keeping new ideas alive.



C, and I reminisced about how much we used to enjoy a cigarette in our past lives and how we’re probably going to be the type of parents that sneak off for a smoke together when the kids are finally asleep. Our one naughty trinket from our youth that keeps us with a rebellious spirit. We laughed and said “lets be crazy and buy a pack (organic, of course) and only smoke one on special occasions”. This was the first Christmas that we shared together and also our first ciggy. Three puffs and tons of laughs later, we acknowledged that the moment was much greater than simply sharing a cigarette. 



The day after Christmas we decided to take a short drive to Malibu for fresh air and seasoned fries from The Sunset. It was impossible to not be overwhelmed by gratitude when looking out at the beauty that god and the universe has given us. C and I are extremely lucky to be able to share meaningful moments like these together and there isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t give thanks to the creator. 


VLOG - 004

Come on a photoshoot with me as I photograph my friends and then get my girlfriends reaction since she’s never seen any of my work. She literally looked at my website for the first time after filming this video and still hasn’t been on my Instagram since she doesn’t have one. Pretty awesome if you ask me. All photos of Logan have zero retouching so you can get an honest glimpse of our shoot. Please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel :)



Since I’m a workaholic but love spending time with my girl, she wanted to put together a workspace at her apartment for me so I can edit and get work done when I’m at her place. Honestly, how did I get so lucky? 



It’s wild how many people messaged me about my outfit on my Instagram story yesterday. Here’s a list of the brands that I was wearing.

  • Beanie - Bongiorno
  • Sungasses - Alexander McQueen
  • Jumper - Inside Out Vintage Harley-Davidson
  • Bag - Gucci
  • Denim - Vintage Levi’s 501
  • Shoes - Nike AF-1

Photos by C