I can’t believe we’re already on our third release of cameras. I had this Camera Club concept randomly pop into my mind only a couple of months ago and look how far we’ve already come. It’s astonishing how much positive feedback we’ve been getting in regards to this project by those who purchase a camera from us. Everything from the curation to packaging to how we’re trying to build a community has been such an amazing experience so far. Thank you to everyone who has made a purchase or followed us on the SSCC Instagram

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I find it quite interesting how much inspiration I get when we go out shopping for decor. It’s always fun plucking little design elements here and there; such as color, shape, texture or just how things are arranged and put together. I take the fragmented pieces and mentally mosaic it to my own style. There’s literally inspiration and design in every aspect of life if you’re simply willing to look for it.



Sometimes you need to unplug and be in the midst of nature. Just you, your person and a couple of good books. Perhaps you’ll even have an opportunity to write, brainstorm, laugh and remind yourself of just how fortunate you are to be alive. Thats what the girl and I did over the weekend in a very charming little bungalow at the top of Old Topanga Canyon

The most interesting thing about this experience was the fact that we only live fifteen minutes away from the bungalow but the vibe was as if we traveled for hours. There was no pounding sound of traffic, blaring sirens or the occasional passer-byers. It was as if everything was muted and nature was scoring the soundtrack of our time together. It was truly magical.



The gal and I went on a little stay-cation and when we came back I returned to a bunch of packages. Most of them are for the new SSCC release but a few were for me; one being my new favorite SLR camera. I’ve been on the hunt for a Contax® RTS III for a year or so but I refused to pay asking price. I’ve seen them range from $500 to $700+ depending on the condition and if it comes with a lens or not. I figured I’d implement patients and would eventually find the right one. Well, that time finally came when I was able to haggle this beautiful camera with a 50mm 1.7 Carl Zeiss® lens for $400 shipped from Japan, which is a great deal. I’ve never held or used the RTS III before buying one and the thing that made me lust over the internet for a year was the beautiful design that the Porsche® Industrial Design team was responsible for drawing up in 1990. I must say, it captured my attention on the screen but it surpassed my expectations when it arrived. In short, I fell in love with this camera as soon as I unboxed it but I became obsessed with it after the first press of the shutter. I cant wait to see what I create with this bad boy.



When I first launched the Camera Club idea I wasn’t sure what direction it would go or if people would even be interested in purchasing cameras from us. For the first release I wasn’t prepared in the slightest and blindly launched the project without an agenda set in place. The only thing I knew was that I wanted people to put down their phones and pick up a point and shoot film camera. When everything sold out, I was a bit surprised but more than anything I was happy that people were about to experience what its like to shoot a roll of film (if they haven’t already). 

When it came time to pack the cameras, I pretty much just wrapped them in bubble wrap and sent them off to their new homes. It felt very impersonal and I wasn’t happy about it. Packaging, to me, is one of the most important aspects when setting the tone of a buyers experience. I didn’t want the Camera Club to feel like it was something as mediocre as purchasing an old camera from eBay. I wanted there to be thought and effort behind it so I started experimenting with a few DIY packaging ideas. After a couple of test runs I finally opted for our new rip-top air tight heat sealed bags, which also come boxed for extra protection during the transit segment. 

This is just phase two of the SSCC initiative and eventually I’ll roll out all of the ideas that I see in my head. 

Create Daily



I try to practice only making things that I actually need. In fact, pretty much everything that I’ve ever released is something that I’ve needed at one point or another on my SS journey (yes, that even includes the condoms and coke-spoon keychains that we put out a few years ago). I’ve used this approach for two reasons. One, I create for myself first, which helps keep me free from becoming a servant to a preconceived monetary agenda. Two, I don’t care if anyone buys the stuff I make because I know my circle and I will use them. Having this mindset makes it extremely rewarding when people outside of my bandwidth acquire SS goods. My products have traveled across the globe many times over again and yet I’ve never once left the country. The thought of that blows my mind and puts a huge smile on my face. 

I wrote out a long transparent and heartfelt Instagram post on why I made these coffee mugs and why they mean so much to me. The short version is – this one phrase, this one motto absolutely changed my life. That’s not to say that if you buy this cup you’ll get sober, fix your depression or spiritually and financially become wealthy. No, these mugs are not a cure-all, but they will remind you everyday, every morning, to fight to get what you want and to become who you were always meant to be.

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I’m a firm believer in only working with individuals and companies that have the same energy and values that align with your own. Degs & Sal® is definitely one of the brands that I creatively admire and strongly believe in. Hell, most of my favorite jewelry pieces are ones that I bought from them well before we even started building a creative relationship.



We just added a new catalog of compact point and shoot cameras. Some are from my personal collection and some are just cool shooters that we felt would be the perfect fit in the right hands. We tried to carefully curate this release with only excellent condition offerings. Happy shooting.

Available here



It’s official, I just kicked off the dedicated Steezy Studios Camera Club Instagram account. This is where I’ll be showcasing some of my personal point and shoot collection through a curated design language as well as stuff that I’m into. You can also catch glimpses of what new offerings we’ll be listing on our Camera Club section. I must say, I’ve been having a lot of fun working on this and it’s nice to be excited about social media again. 

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