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Our SS20 Demons shirts took an extensive sun bath. Laying under the California sun in Malibu for roughly six weeks turned these already amazing shirts into something that definitely cannot be replicated with chemicals or dyes. There’s a wonderful marbling throughout the broken in cotton with hand distressing and paint splatters that resembles a shirt that a painter might have worn in their studio over a course of twenty years. These truly are something special.

Limited quantity available. Each shirt is unique and one of a kind.



I’ve been messing with a lot of different styles lately and wanted to explore this idea I’ve have had in my head for a cool artsy dad vibe (perhaps a foreshadowing). A guy that enjoys comfort because he’s in his studio all day but still knows how to put everyday pieces together effortlessly. Someone who is so confident with his own personal style that he isn’t phased by designer labels. I hit the thrift stores and found a beautiful Banana Republic knit cardigan from the 90’s. This oversized knit with an elongated cut was just what I was looking for. Next I stumbled upon a vintage pair of Levi’s that had a nice straight leg cut. I distressed them a little more and added a few paint marks to give them a bit of personal charm. Next I found a Willie Nelson shirt from 1996 which I knew I had to have. Lastly, a super cool yellow trucker hat that ties the whole look together. Mixed with my Nike AF1, jewelry, Steezy Studios buttons and Gucci glasses I feel like this look is exactly what I was trying to achieve. In total I spent around $20 at the thrift store which goes to show that not everything needs to be designer and have a crazy price tag. Style is about how you put things together but more importantly, how you carry yourself when you wear it. 


SS20 D.I.Y

We released a limited number of our latest D.I.Y shirts yesterday via Instagram story. This was our first time attempting a dying application and wanted the shirts to resemble a watercolor drop cloth. A rag that would be used to soak up the excess paint that an artist would have on their brush while working on a canvas. We’re pleased with he results and the shirts sold out within 10 minutes.

Stay tuned for our next DIY project



Let me first start off by saying that we’re huge Hedi fans. It’s no secret that his pieces from when he was at Dior and Saint Laurent are some of our most prized possessions and as much as we want to love what he’s currently doing at Celine, it’s been really hard to get onboard. Of course there’s a few pieces sprinkled in here and there that we would love to have but when you jump to this newest collection, it really missed the mark for us. Perhaps it’s because we aren’t teenagers and part of the whole Tic-Tok wave but this collection doesn’t really say luxury to us. Then again, the more money you have, the more effortless you want to look, so from a business standpoint and the pressure of the current economy, we get that you have to move units.