To lift spirits and have some fun during this social distancing period, we’ve decided to start sending out free SS care-packages to our friends and follower’s that would like to get creative at home. For the first installation, our good friend Alex captured these photographs of herself lounging in her bedroom on a Sunday morning in our Goes Around T-shirt

We look forward to seeing what you guys create. If you’re interested in participating in this project, you can DM us your info here



Test Pressing is one of the most fantastic places that we’ve recently stumbled upon for tunes to play in the studio. Let’s kick Monday off with this mix by Virgil Abloh. Read the write up about his process of curating his sound and track list and then hit that play button so you can get those creative frequencies flowing. If you happen to be curious of what CDJ’s he uses, you can view them here.



Kaws is weird topic when he gets brought up in our studio. On one hand, we admire his creativity and boyish-like imagination and color palette, and frankly, we would be lying if we said we didn’t marvel at his ability to translate his viewpoint at an astronomical scale. There’s maybe a handful of living artists that have a cult-like following like his with an age group across the spectrum. A kid sleeping on his Bape’d out bunkbed can own a Kaws toy, and also an industry mogul fresh off the PJ (private jet) can have the walls of his Givenchy Royal silver chandelier lit foyer adorned with a $500,000 canvas by said artist. Building an audience with that kind of longitude and latitude is a work of art in itself. Then on the other hand, you simply get to an age where cartoons and toys aren’t really what gets your rocks off anymore. Or, at least that’s what happened to me when a girl tossed my XX eyed “stuffed animal” off the bed and told me to grow up. So, maybe my quarrel isn’t with Kaws but more so my relationships? Anyway, if you dig his work or it moves you in any sort of fashion and wish to have a print of his on your wall, you can now bid on some here. And hey, if you don’t have that sort of confetti to throw around but still want to look at art, you can take a stroll through his living situation and all of the cool work he’s personally collected over the years.