Driving through the PCH and stopping by one of our favorite restaurants in Malibu, Malibu Farm, we walked up to the big wooden doors to only find a foldable table with a cash register on it, chalk menu board and a couple of masked workers servicing the visiting patron’s and beach-front locals. With the six feet distancing rule strongly enforced, you could place an order then make your way to the sand or take it home with you, which completely eliminates the ambience that MF is known for. It made us think, how will the dining experience be post Covid-19? For the fortunate establishments that survive the financial impact that the hospitality industry has clearly taken, how will they innovate a new safety structure that aligns with an atmosphere that welcomes close proximity, shared moments and togetherness? It will be interesting to see the inevitable changes that are surely coming.



Have you ever wanted to be one with nature without compromising the luxuries of home? Well now you can experience the natural elements all while be encapsulated in a sophisticated design. The Lumipod is a prefabricated housing module that allows you to settle in the middle of nature and welcomes city dwellers to relaxing away from the concrete jungle.



The Gagosian gallery will be unveiling this weeks artist spotlight featuring, Dan Colen. Available for viewing on Friday with a single artwork by the artist made available for purchasing for forty-eight hours. If you only remember a young Colen as being part of the 90’s to early 2000’s New York trio with equally wild members, Ryan McGinley and Dash Snow, you’d be pleasantly surprised to see his mature farming side. You can also head over to Dover Street Market to browse his re-worked vintage single stitched shirts and 50/50 sweatshirts.



With all of this time currently being spent inside, we figured this would be the perfect opportunity to lend some of our attention to a pup that is in dire need of love and shelter. We fostered this six-month-old little guy from Hollywood Huskies a couple of weeks ago and let me tell you, it was love at first sight. He was scared, looked neglected and mistreated and we just knew that we had to give him the love that he deserves. The first couple of nights were pretty rough (ruff?) which is to be expected since he was in a new surrounding but now he’s completely like a part of the family. The kisses, the waiting at the door, the car rides, the sitting next to the office chairs as we work to him letting me pick him up like a baby – I honestly don’t know if it is even comprehendible to give him back at this point. All I can do is hope that Harley goes (or stays) exactly where he’s meant to be.



A year ago today, I came to a crossroads where I had to decide if I was going to fully commit to changing my life or walk the tight rope of having one foot in self-expansion and the other in self-destruction. I made a lot of progress and a true effort to mentally and physically rebuild myself and thought that I was now strong enough to control my vices. A beer or two, a couple glasses of wine, surely it couldn’t hurt, but the truth is, I never knew how to stop at two. Once I started drinking I always had the best intentions but by the end of the night I was the worst version of myself. I’ve lost friends, I’ve made my family disappointed in me and mostly, I always woke up ashamed of who I was during my inevitable blackouts. There’s no way you can get to the top of a mountain while you’re still tied down to the things that are holding you back. It was time to finally battle that demon and get to the root of why I felt like alcohol was the cure-all for all of the inner pain that I’ve spent years trying to escape. After a lot of work, devoting myself and ritually going to counseling and staying away from all of the temptations that surrounded me, my new path finally lead me to where I am today. One year sober, clear minded and the most fulfilled I have ever been. People always ask me if I ever crave a drink, the answer is of course, but when I think of who I was then compared to who I am now, there’s absolutely no way I would ever go back. 

If you’re battling with anything and feel like no one get’s it, I’m always here to talk or just listen. I remember trying to describe what was going on with me to my family and friends but they never understood and couldn’t relate because they have no problem socially drinking. They can have a great time and know how to cut themselves off without crossing over to the dark side. I was always so envious of that but it’s just not in my DNA to drink like a gentleman. 

Stay safe, stay healthy and know that you’re worthy of true happiness.