If you haven’t heard of the meme inspired marketing and design collective, MSCHF, you should probably get familiar with them as their antics have been taking the internet by storm. They’ve done everything from producing a cursing dog collar that allows your dog to express its true feelings when it barks – to Jesus Shoes where they filled Nikes with blessed water from the river of Jordan so you can walk like the man JC himself – to cutting up a $30,000 Damien Hirst piece and parting it out for a staggering $303,604.00 return. In all honesty, their marketing strategies and visuals are stellar and completely up to date with how to get brand awareness stuffed through the congested media pipeline. We suggest you read this article for 5 marketing tips and this one on how to run a business in 2020.



We absolutely love how much fun our #ATHOMEWITHSTEEZY project is already turning out to be. Since our first post last week we’ve had a ridiculous amount of people reach out to us via Instagram that would like to be apart of this. We’re still trying to structure our selection process and how many free care-packages we’ll be sending out weekly but rest assured, if you can take a solid photo at home, your chances are good. 

For our second installation we have two of our favorite humans stuck inside of their apartment overlooking the Capital Records building in Hollywood. Logan and Weston absolutely killed these photos from their balcony as Logan is wearing our Demons T-shirt.