A couple of weeks ago I had an inclination to take up a new hobby. See, this is my first month sober and my latest attempt to kick the bottle, you know, get off the sauce aka stop drinking, again. I’ve been an avid runner for the better part of a year and went vegan about eight months ago but even those healthy lifestyle changes haven’t been able to give me the feeling of euphoria that I feel when I pop the cork and divulge myself into the savory sensation of sauvignon blanc. That is until I discovered something so simple yet requires a vast amount of endurance, coordination and mental strategy; the game of tennis. Never in a million years would I anticipate that two rackets, a ball and a challenge would lead me to the closest feeling I get when I drink my beloved spirits but it totally does. Trying to figure out techniques and motions in which you can transition the ball over the net in a precise manner, the endorphins and logic start kicking in and next thing you know you’re on cloud nine. I read a quote somewhere about how once you discover and play the game, you’re instantly addicted and that is exactly what happened. 

- Danny