One mid-afternoon while enjoying a glass of Sauvignon Blanc at The Belmont with a love interest of mine, a hostess walks over to our table and asked us if we would like another glass? I immediately replied “keep them coming, I promised her my jokes would get funnier”. The hostess said, “Than maybe I should just bring you the bottle”. She was confident, witty and had a very strong energy which is something I am always drawn to when it comes to people I want to photograph. Long story short, Gina was exactly that when she stopped by for a test shoot. 

- Danny Steezy


We haven’t released any STEEZY© STUDIOS merch this year. Well, that’s about to change. All we can say is, life has been insane lately, goals have shifted, views have expanded and inner-happiness has pushed itself to the forefront – but now it’s time to get the wheels of the machine back to spinning. Samples have been put into production which means, good things are coming!

- Staff