It was the beginning of 2009 and I just discovered photography. She was my girlfriend at the time and we were in love. She was never a model but had no problem being my muse. Not because she enjoyed it, but because she believed in me. Even though we broke up years ago and now all that remains are these photos that I just rediscovered, I can’t help but to look back and confess that a lot of the success that I have acquired over the years is due to her allowing me to invade our relationship with my camera. That’s what it’s all about, being a team, a best friend and doing what is necessary for one another to thrive creatively. 

- Danny Steezy


So many places crammed into a couple of days. The adventure started in Downtown Los Angeles where we stayed at the Luxe Hotel due to my early meeting the next morning. The hotel was decent, the breakfast was superb and the staff was somewhat friendly. It was an okay time until I discovered the cleaning crew took the bottle of our favorite whiskey. Next, we headed to Malibu where we had drinks and lunch at our favorite watering hole, The Sunset. I am truly in love with this place but just wished it stayed open later. Next we went to some spot for their “famous” tacos and margaritas. I forgot the name but it was in this amazing little plaza in Malibu. Actually, I’m glad I forgot the name of this joint so I don’t have to link it because aside from the decent looking staff and delightful jalapeño cucumber margaritas, the place fucking sucked. The chips were stale as fuck and the chicken tacos tasted like tuna. I guess the trick is to down five to six marg’s before trying to stomach the food. After that I had to stop in WeHo to visit my BFF where we brown-bagged a beer and caught up on life. Next thing I know, I’m back in the car singing at the top of my lungs and en-route to Santa Barbara. We pull up to the Goodland Hotel and holy shit, it was like we were in a mini Palm Springs oasis. I remember saying “this is what I’m talking about!” as I browsed the decor and made my way to the bar after the beyond friendly staff checked us in. The hotel was seriously amazing and don’t get me started on how badly we fucked up the extensive mini bar in our suite. That poor thing didn’t stand a chance against us. I guess that’s what happens when you introduce two people who party to some of the best local booze our precious little livers have ever had the pleasure of processing. We really wanted to stay a few more nights but unfortunately the gal had to head back so we decided to get one last brunch sash in (and more drinks) before we hit the dusty trail. Fear not, we’ll be going back soon and I’ll bring an actual camera. I’m thinking a proper vlog session is in order to justify the vibe of this magical place.

- Danny Steezy


I just found this video by Tyrone Lebon that really made me feel romantic about photography again. Like any great love, it’s so easy to overlook or stop appreciating the person who sleeps next to you night after night. The beauty that we’ve obtained and the pure euphoria of the unknown. The discoveries that we find within ourselves by simply pressing the shutter. It’s videos like this that make me feel so fortunate to have fallen in love with something so beautifully flawed, so pure yet so full of lies. Who would have thought a window so small would change my viewpoint forever. Enjoy!

- Danny Steezy


In an effort to expand our curation on Depop, we will be offering very rare original Polaroids from our archives. These have never been available in a public domain but we really wanted our Depop audience to have the chance to own tangible works of featured models. All Polaroids are editions of 1/1 and come with a Certificate of Authenticity from Steezy© Studios.

- Staff


I’ve been getting a ton of messages since I moved out of my apartment asking where I’ve been, what I’m doing and where am I going. To answer them all right here, I have been floating around Malibu, Calabasas and where I grew up in Thousand Oaks.. and to be completely transparent, I really haven’t been doing much, which is EXACTLY what I need to be doing to finally bring myself some mental clarity before I head to Europe. I’m taking this time to try to reset my brain, put things into perspective and really find out what brings me happiness. One thing is certain, it definitely is not Hollywood right now. I need sand, water, positive energy and good vibrations around me. Between going on two runs a day, swimming or just hanging out on the sand I cannot express what a difference it has made in my life. I wake up everyday without any stress, any worries and a childlike need to just walk around and explore. For those of you who are also at the edge, the point of no return, I highly recommend you detach yourself from your current situation, steer away from social media and just go be one with whatever environment puts a smile on your face. That’s what this whole next twelve months is really about for me. I’m on a quest to explore things in the world in order to discover how to become the best version of myself, not only mentally but physically as well. Of course I will stumble, I’m human but this is something I know I have to do to live a life of abundance and love the person I see when I look in the mirror. 

- Danny Steezy