It’s a new year, which means new opportunities for growth and creative expansion. We’re looking for 1-2 motivated interns that want to come along with us on our journey. The requirements are that you must be ambitious, creative, good with clients/people and are willing to multi-task on projects and photoshoots. You must be at least 18, live in or around Hollywood and have your own laptop and transportation. If you have experience in the following it’s a plus

  • Photoshop
  • Lightroom
  • In-Design
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Video Editing

Please send your CV/Resume and your Instagram here as we will start interviewing this month.

- Staff


Imagine getting paid to fly all over the world. That’s what Letica does for a living and I found it incredibly interesting. Since she was in Los Angeles from Paris, we decided to hang out for a bit and talk about what it’s like to live out of a suitcase as a flight attendant. She came over without any makeup on but totally had this glow about her and a familiarity that felt like she was an old friend visiting. Maybe it was her smile or green eyes or how polite she was but as soon as she spoke with her french accent I knew I had to take some photographs of her. Life is random, one minute you’re having a few drinks and some laughs, the next, the same person you were just with is asking you how you’re doing from across the world. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at that by now but it seems to never get old.

- Danny Steezy


Third-wheeling when you’re somewhat newly single is never the ideal situation but it can add hope when you experience the energy of two people that simply belong together. Yes, reminiscing on a love I once had is totally shitty and makes me sad, but when you see something so genuine before your eyes you can’t help but to feel hopeful and optimistic in regard to what the universe has in store. 

- Danny Steezy


Petra Collins has rapidly become someone I pay attention to. I’d be lying if I said I don’t have a certain distaste for the currant state (or should I say the lack of quality) of images being produced. Her photographs are both romantic and honest but most importantly, captured in her own way. Yes it’s very feminine and perhaps even a little adolescent but thats what gives it it’s timeless charm. The fact that she captures celebrities and her friends all in the same manner is what appeals to my own personal visual appetite. Digesting her images leaves my palette wanting more, which is rare in todays over-saturated, force-fed shit that we all have to gobble up on a daily basis. You can purchase her new book here.

- Danny Steezy 


It’s no secret that I frequent my local watering hole quite often. I would say on average you can find me sitting on a padded oak barstool two to three times a week. With a Gin and Tonic in hand and an observant ear to the crowd, something enticing happens at The Hudson. You hear random stories, you experience people on their first Tinder dates and you start to acknowledge what other attendees such as yourself live in a one block radius. Strangers become familiar faces, bartenders become friends and suddenly you realize you have most of the staffs contact in your phone. You go from “may I get a drink” to your spirit of choice getting slid across the varnished oak and directly into your hand as you sit down. I was never too into bar’s and I definitely was never the type that could go into one alone. But I see now how when there’s a staple location in the neighborhood that treats you like family it turns into something so much more. It’s a social club where you can talk about everything from work to relationships to business collaborations. A place where you can get shitfaced and there’s no judgement. But most importantly, what happens within the dim lit walls stays there. As long as you walk in with a good heart and leave your ego at the door, you will soon feel a warm embrace that can only be compared to that of a second home.

- Danny Steezy


Mid-week walks are a great way to keep you focused, especially if you surround yourself with scenic views and inspirational architecture. This allows time for fresh air, new ideas and a recharge to keep your mind healthy. The only way to change what’s on the outside is to transform it from within.

- Staff


This is my friend Liz whom I’ve known for nearly ten years (two more and we celebrate a decade). We don’t see each other that often but when we do it’s like nothing has changed, yet so much has. We oddly became friends when I was living in Thousand Oaks and was summoned to do community service. That’s what they give you as punishment for breaking the law with minor offenses. I was there for being a young drunk idiot and she was there for fighting in public (we still laugh at that). When we first met I was just getting into photography and she was going to hair school. As we walked around picking up trash under the hot sun, we began to talk about life and our aspirations. It was rad to know there was someone else like me, someone who truly did not belong in a small town and especially wasn’t meant to pick up fucking trash with a bunch of burn-outs and assholes. I can honestly say the only good thing that came from that day was the fact that we both found someone creative that we could communicate with, which was fairly rare in suburbia. Fast forward to today and Liz now works at numerous high-end salons throughout Beverly Hills and I do, well, who knows what I do but apparently I’m doing okay at it. I’ve always found it interesting how some people in your life don’t only represent a personality, but also a moment in time when you didn’t think your dreams were possible to obtain. It’s like a breathing reminder that anything is achievable if you just stay focused and keep your tunnel vision. I’m very proud of this bird, even though she still gives me shit and laughs at me just like the first day our energies intersected. It honestly goes to show that just because you are where you are now doesn’t mean you can’t go anywhere you wish to be. I hope you all continue to strive for something better in every capacity possible!

[picking up trash… who would have fucking thought. smh]

- Danny Steezy