I’m an avid believer in surrounding yourself with those that add positivity, prosperity and most importantly, creativity to your life. From a young age my mother preached that old saying, “you are who you hang out with”. Wiser words have never been spoken when it comes to living in Hollywood. It’s so easy to get consumed by the evils that dwell in the lights that we begin to become stagnant. And that my friends, is a very easy self-inflicted wound that us creatives walk into. Which brings me to this night at the Beverly Hills Hotel. It wasn’t a rager. There wasn’t bottle service tables or a queue outside. It was on a word of mouth basis amongst young and old artists, socialites and creatives that just knew where to be. I can’t express to you enough how important these types of encounters are, especially if you’re trying to claw your way into the inner circle of the movers and shakers that have been playing in the art arena for years. This was the first time I met a lot of these people (I’m sure you know who they are, if you don’t, research) but there was one encounter that stood out to me. As we sipped the last drink of our champagne and said goodbye to everyone, I turned to walk away as Dylan Rieder was walking in with Sky Ferreira. We only spoke briefly but that dudes energy was so contagious and inspiring that it truly changed me forever. So what’s my point? Spend time and interact with those who will only elevate your viewpoint and mindset on whatever it is that you’re trying to achieve. There’s no love in the club, only meaningless encounters and broken facades. If you’re the hardest working guy or girl in your circle, get the fuck out and find a new one that will push you to the next level. It’s always fun to party, but the true measure of ones success should be calculated by a ton of small accomplishments that you achieve in a small window of time. Succeed daily!

- Danny Steezy


Being able to constantly photograph my friends throughout the years is something that I don’t take for granted. It’s amazing to look back and see the honesty and progression that has evolved. Not only on their position in society but also the uncompromising happiness that they’ve grown into. Their style and the way they carry themselves develops just as my photographs do, and in turn that gives us this connection that stands the test of time.

- Danny Steezy 


Whenever Kate and I hangout it always turns into a random shoot. Nothing is ever planned. I just end up throwing her clothes to put on and within a matter of seconds we have a few frames in the camera. The best aspects of our dynamic is that we completely trust one another and we don’t take shit too seriously. I mean, if you’ve ever hung out with us you’d say we’re easily the two most annoying individuals when we’re together. Somehow that makes shit fun. I suppose that’s the natural progression over years of having to deal with each others odd sense of humor. In other words, Kate rules and I’m glad I’ve been able to document our friendship. Oh yeah, check out 10Deep too. They’re pretty neat as well. 

- Danny Steezy


Here’s some unpublished images of one our favorite girls. Jessica is one of those free spirits that allows the essence of who she truly is to shine through in all that she does. Unapologetic and proud of the person standing in front of the camera, you can’t help but to experience a bit of magic when you’re in her presence. 

- Staff