Happy birthday to one of the best friends a dirtbag like me could ever wish for. Through the years we have seen each other hit inconceivable highs (literally) and hit rock bottom. Some days we crush it and don’t think we can smile any bigger or work any harder; others we can’t seem to escape the dark cloud that always seems to find us. See, Kate and I have this kindred spirt that goes leaps and bounds and without words we get that we’re nothing more than a couple of weirdos with pure hearts. We’re always there for one another through our triumphs and failures and that is a true rarity in this day and age when everyone is so god damn disconnected. So, here’s to Kate and all of the amazing things that she’s going to do in this life. May the energy of the universe continue to shine on her. Cheers 

- Danny Steezy


When I was asked to shoot a mini visual for Ugg®, I was instantly taken back to happy childhood times. Growing up with my mother and sisters wearing the cozy boots made accepting the project an easy yes. When I think about the “boots with the fur” I think about the era when my sisters were in high school and always spending time at the beach with their friends. I think about the movie Point Break and countless other California surf natives that adopted this Australian brand into their daily wardrobe. The style was relaxed, effortless but had an inviting aesthetic that you wanted to be a part of. I felt I needed to capture this on Emily with vintage pieces by Harley-Davidson®, Saint Laurent® and Stone Island®. Naturally, the only way to embrace the true essence was to you use 35mm film.

Danny Steezy


We shot these with the Canon WP-1 35mm waterproof film camera. A lot people praise the “disposable” factor when talking in regards to this particular 35mm relic, and let us not forget, you can completely submerge this baby in water. Due to the temperature on this particular day we decided to keep Bella dry while doing a field-test. As you can see it isn’t the sharpest camera available but it sure is fun. There was something exciting about knowing you can take this on land and sea, surf and turf, bed sheets or champagne showers. Fuck that’s cool. Not to bore you with all of the tech info that you can easily uncover with one quick google search, we will sum this up with this, if you want something lo-fi to take on vacation that shoots at a decent speed and gives you a drug-store effect, this is a perfect option. Sharp shooters need not bother. Bottom line, it doesn’t matter what you use as long as you are out there ‘using it’. Stay active, stay creative and never stop exploring your imagination. 

- Staff