People always ask me if I miss my old place. I suppose it stems from all of the rager’s we threw in the 700sqft powder filled, alcohol induced party palace located on Fairfax. The answer is, no. There comes a time when you hit a ceiling (literally) and need to move on. Grow upward and outward, not only mentally or on a maturity level but also your view of success. We live in an age where everyone wants to ‘flex’ with materialistic bullshit that they hope will transcend into ‘likes’ or envy. Yet in actuality they either still live at home, have roommates or are simply living paycheck to paycheck. The backlash of this usually means that you’re in party mode and being counter-productive with the alignment of true success and growth. So, no, I don’t miss that shit at all and even though you can still catch me with a nose bleed from time to time, knowing that my agenda and heart are running parallel to everything that I want to accomplish makes my mental expansion and financial liberation well worth staying in my new quiet cave.

- Danny Steezy