Got a weird body type but like to wear denim that has a slim fit? Me too. One of the hardest things for my body shape has always been finding pants that fit the way I like. I swear, I’m in-between either being chubby or being skinny. Granted, I just lost over 20lbs but I don’t have, and will probably never have that rad stick-figure shape that most designers base their cuts for. And trust me, I have tried every denim there is from H&M to Saint Laurent. Either the legs are too tight and the thighs too baggy or the leg opening is massive and looks stupid on the shoe. I know, first world problems, but it’s real. Finally I found the Acne Ace and it was love at first zip. The cut is amazing and the quality is what is expected from one of my favorite brands. The thigh is just right, the leg opening is perfect and the waist is pretty true to size. None of that  ‘vanity sizing’ nonsense that is meant to lie to make you feel better about yourself. I respect those that are straight up and honest, like “buddy, want to wear these? Put down the burger and go for a fucking run”. Now for the bad news, Acne just switched up their denim program so you will have to hunt for this particular cut at reputable Acne retailers.

- Danny Steezy


One of the most often asked questions I get is “are you into sneakers?”. I suppose it’s because I’m always wearing some form of Adidas Boost. To be totally transparent, the answer is, not really. I do have a few pairs that I absolutely wear the shit out of because they’re so comfortable and I’m very fortunate that the good people over at the Adidas HQ send me shoes. When they sent me the first version of the white Ultra Boost a year or so ago, that’s when I was hooked. So much so that I literally wore them up until a couple of weeks ago when I realized their life has come to an end. The poor things were beat to shit and I was forced to bite the bullet and buy a new pair (for resale price. I don’t want to talk about it). All of the shoes pictured are my own, I wear them daily and I love them dearly. When you walk around as much as I do, you want something comfortable, supportive and lets just face it, the Boost looks fantastic.

Thank you Jon and Drake, you guys are seriously the best!

- Danny Steezy


I’m not one whom really pays too much attention to a lot of photographers, but there’s a handful that I really admire. Purienne is definitely one of them. If you haven’t purchased his new book, Holiday, you really should. The visual language this dude speaks is one that makes you travel back into time when things were simpler, honest and romantic. Bravo, Henrik. Brav-fucking-o!

- Danny Steezy


If you’re like me and always on the hunt for a solid point and shoot 35mm film camera that’s in the same arena as the Yashica T4 and Olympus MJU II, look no further. The Konica Big Mini 302 is a solid camera considering it’s mostly made up of plastic but nearly outputs the same results as the honorable mentions. With the market on the T4 sky rocketing due to supply being low, you can get this little gem for about half the price. Happy hunting!

- Danny Steezy

Ma Meilleure Moitié

Life is fucking weird. One minute you’re this drug snorting, booze guzzling dirtbag running around Hollywood with no regard for your own wellbeing or the rules that apply. Next, you meet someone who is worth giving all of that up for simply because she makes you smile and pays attention to every detail, even the small ones that you think she missed. I’ll be honest, I’ve never dated someone who is in the same industry or has the exact same interest as me and I for sure have never been someone who fancied sappy love stories. But I’m quite excited to see how this one unfolds, especially the chapters that take place in Paris. 

Thank you for the gifts and notes, sweetheart.

- Danny Steezy