Between our deadlines and getting all of your orders out, this has been a crazy week. So, it’s time to kick off the pants, light a smoke and get into some trouble. Have a great weekend!

- Staff


A lot of you emailed us asking about the camera pictured in the recent post. This is the Kyocera Slim T (safari edition), which is essentially the exact same camera as the Yashica T4 Super D, minus the super scope. It features the 35 3.5 Tessar Zeiss lens, aka the holy grail of 35mm point and shoot glass. Up until about a year ago these little babies were totally missed on the T4 radar, but as of late, I have seen the prices sky rocketing. What once used to run for around $50 on the market is now hitting the $300 and up range. Stock pile while you can, I know I did.

- Danny Steezy


As someone who hates stuffing a point and shoot in his pocket or wearing one around my neck on my way to a job, I decided to finally bite the bullet and get a small camera bag. This thing may be one of the best purchases I’ve made all year. While people are like “dude, sick purse”, my pockets are like “we have so much room for activities”.  If you’re like me and only tote small cameras for most of your work, this is the way to go!

- Danny Steezy


I’ve recently been thinking a lot about relocating. When I close my eyes and imagine where I would like to be, I seem to always think about this quant private beach tucked away in Malibu. It’s a place I randomly stumbled upon one day but seem to always revisit when I need to find mental solace. I can’t think of a more charming location to start this new chapter in my life.

- Danny Steezy