I’m a firm believer in only working with individuals and companies that have the same energy and values that align with your own. Degs & Sal® is definitely one of the brands that I creatively admire and strongly believe in. Hell, most of my favorite jewelry pieces are ones that I bought from them well before we even started building a creative relationship.



We just added a new catalog of compact point and shoot cameras. Some are from my personal collection and some are just cool shooters that we felt would be the perfect fit in the right hands. We tried to carefully curate this release with only excellent condition offerings. Happy shooting.

Available here



It’s official, I just kicked off the dedicated Steezy Studios Camera Club Instagram account. This is where I’ll be showcasing some of my personal point and shoot collection through a curated design language as well as stuff that I’m into. You can also catch glimpses of what new offerings we’ll be listing on our Camera Club section. I must say, I’ve been having a lot of fun working on this and it’s nice to be excited about social media again. 

If you purchased or plan to purchase a camera from us, please be sure to tag us!



I did it. I finished my first full-day juice cleanse and the experience was unlike anything that I thought would transpire. Firstly, I didn’t anticipate that six bottles of juice acting as entire entrees could fill up my stomach as much as they did. It’s recommended that you drink a bottle every two hours followed by 8oz of water after each beverage. By the 3rd and 4th bottle I was beginning to have a difficult time keeping it down. So, let me walk you through my day.

Bottles 1-2

I started my cleanse at 8am and was excited to see what feelings or effects I might experience throughout the day. There wasn’t much hunger after the first and second bottle and to be completely honest, I was feeling good, especially after the Citrus 1, which I found to be extremely delicious. 

Bottles 3-4

After the third and forth bottles I found myself to be in an amazing mood with tons of energy. Honestly, I even looked at the bottle and asked myself what the hell they put in this stuff. I had meetings and I needed to present in a group atmosphere. I noticed my mind was extra sharp and fully awake. I felt “alive” and the energy was felt throughout the space. I even danced with my girl in our living room as soon as she got home for no reason at all. Now, this is a usual daily occurrence for us but my moves were extra spicy and had a pinch more of pizzazz than usual. We were groovin’ and turned our hardwood floor into a disco for two. 

Bottles 5-6

By this point it was 4pm and I was on my fifth bottle. At first, the two hour window between drinks goes by super fast and you question if your stomach can accommodate all of the liquids, but now I was beginning to feel full but definitely not satisfied. Even with the hunger sensation starting to kick in, I couldn’t believe my energy level was still intact. I didn’t experience a crash as I usually would after a late lunch followed by numerous cups of coffee. With this being said, I had my last juice at 6pm which is my cut off time for my intermittent fasting schedule and at this point I was definitely experiencing some hanger as my mood was shifting to the other side of the spectrum. Thankfully the last “juice” was the Vanilla Almond Milk which was more of a dessert type of vibe than an actual juice. Perhaps it’s the gold-star of the kit for a job well done. I doubt it’s recommended but I added a teaspoon of cinnamon and it drastically transformed the taste to that of an horchata. What? I’m a creative, it’s my job to color outside of the lines. 

So what happened after 6pm? Well, things were fine until around 9pm when I heard an all too familiar knock at the door from my old friend, the hunger monster. My mood fully transitioned and a headache was beginning to form. My stomach no longer housed any trace of the nourishments that my bladder has by now fully expelled. I was definitely hungry so by 10pm I decided to simply call it a night. 

In conclusion, would I do this again? Absolutely. Even at the time of writing this blog post (9:30am) I’ve still yet to eat. After reflecting on my experience over my morning coffee, I realized the discomfort that I was feeling was temporary and definitely mostly mental. Knowing this and listening to my body, I know I can juice for much longer the next time I explore a cleanse. I still keep thinking about how much damn energy I had, and the mood, my mood was nothing short of spectacular. Today I feel as if I hit the reset button on my mind and gut and have come back into alignment. If you’re healthy and live a active lifestyle with a focus on your wellbeing but still feeling cloudy or experiencing any sort of blockage, creative or otherwise, I highly recommend you give this a try. Do it in a safe manner with some preparation and use a juice company that you trust; or if possible, press your own organic ingredients from your local farmers market. That’s what I’ll be doing for round two. Okay, my 10am food alarm just went off, time to dive face first into some much deserved avocado toast.



The feeling of getting packages delivered from all across the world never seems to get old. I have broken many of my addictions but camera collecting, or hoarding to some, is a vice that I just can’t seem to kick. It’s to the point where I quite often find myself scrolling through the blue-screen until 2am searching for my next fix. I don’t recommend going down this costly and timely rabbit hole, but if you decide to dive in head first, I created a new instagram account that will showcase cameras that I’m into or ones that I’m willing to let go of for a fair price. I’ll be adding photos and information on them so you know what to look for if you’re also in the market for a new film compact. I highly encourage any collectors out there to submit their favorite point & shoots so I can post them (and tag you of course). Eventually I would like this to bloom into an actual camera meetup where we can nerd-out over film shooters and talk about photography.

Be sure to follow the Steezy Studios Camera Club Instagram account as I hope to build a network and social setting for camera collectors and camera snobs alike; or for those who are simply just curious about cameras and which one they should buy. I really, and I say this with a tremendous amount of honesty, I really hope everyone out there at some point uses a film camera. I cannot express to you enough the feeling you get when you load a roll of film and then get your scans back for the first time. Its one of those experiences that consistently seems to uplift my day, my mood and my creativity, which in turn, has me hooked.



I’ve really been trying to explore every spectrum of wellness when it comes to my mind and body; but one thing that I’ve never done is a daily cleanse. To try to help with mental blockage, I practice intermittent fasting where I only eat from 10am-6pm on a daily basis with a fairly healthy diet implemented, yet I’ve still been feeling a bit cloudy recently. This is not a mental state that I like to be in considering everything that I do for work stems from my mind. In hopes to figure out how to remedy this experience, the gal and I decided to do a full one day juice cleanse today to see if it helps free any of the blockage. Now, I am in no way a nutritionist or vastly experienced in holistic health practices but I do know the mind is directly connected to the gut and I do believe in the process of elimination, so if this doesn’t work, hey, at least I can scratch it off of my list. 

We went with the Pressed Juicery® Cleanse #3 after the extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff member gave us an in-depth explanation of what we can expect from the experience. Thanks again Nikki (Pressed Juicery® in Westlake Village) for all of your help.

I’ll be sure to report back to you guys and let you know if this helped clear up my mind or aided in any of the creative-block that I’m experiencing. As a creative (and human), our minds and bodies are the most important vessels when it comes to the level of our experiences and what we can achieve. It’s an absolute necessity to have the highway to our thoughts and ideas be free and open.



The girl and I always have long discussions about our future. In particular, we talk about where we want to live, our dream home and what it might look and feel like. We had a general idea of the aesthetics such as a modern-contemporary vibe with a huge front door and a vast airy space that ties in an indoor-outdoor living atmosphere. An aspirational calming space that we can work and grow in but we’ve never had a truly definitive clear vision of what our dream home would actually look like. Then, as a the gal was on a walk last week, she found it. She came home excited and said “you have to come look at this house that’s being built, I think it resembles exactly what we’ve been talking about”. We went to the lot and to my astonishment it embodied everything that I’ve had in my head but couldn’t quite mentally draw out into a full blown visual blueprint of our dream home. 

What is sympathetic magic and how might one use it with photography? The definition is this - primitive or magical ritual using objects or actions resembling or symbolically associated with the event or person over which influence is sought.

To some, I’m sure this sounds like a bunch of “hoopla” and “woo woo” type of imaginary nonsense; sometimes I even ask myself if it will work. But then I remember just how powerful the universe is when I call upon it. The fact that I’m sober, I no longer suffer depression, I’m extremely happy and have financially stayed stable through a worldwide pandemic is proof enough. Add that with a powerful reinforcement that I’ve finally found the person that I was always meant to find (in the midst of a nationwide lockdown) is sheer proof that the universe does in fact listen if you believe. 

Think it, envision it, stand in it, experience the sensation of having it, capture it – then let the universe take over.