When it comes to relaxing, I’m not the most advanced in the genre. I always have a million and one thoughts running around in my noggin like a fever of stress mixed with creativity; like a pressure cooker ready to pop as the hustle and bustle of my days boil over. By some divine miracle I found someone that understands my thought-process and is slowly showing me how to let go. How to take a breath, exhale and enjoy the silence. As reluctant as I may have been upon our arrival to the Parker, by the end of the trip I realized it was exactly what I needed. To push the pause button on work so I could take a moment and eat like shit, enjoy the splendors of top-shelf spirits, fresh air and the sun on my face. Between the amazing staff, the strangers we partied with and the exuberant interiors provided by none other than, Jonathan Adler himself. It was extremely hard to put our glass down and part ways. But just as the sun rises on the big orange doors and the palm trees dance in the breeze, we shall meet again.

- Danny Steezy