The gal and I were getting french fries from The Sunset this weekend like we sometimes do and I happened to walk by a vintage VW bus with a surfboard cascading along the sand under an umbrella. The way the sun was hitting it made me want to capture it so I asked the owner if it would be okay if I snapped a photo. He obliged. After firing off two shots I thanked him and was about to walk away. Mid-step he said “check this out”, not sure what to expect, I walked around the side of the van and now ankle deep in sand to find one of the coolest things I have ever seen. The guy, Tony,  turned the old VW van into an upscale rolling mobile photo booth, accurately named Malibooth. He was even kind enough to let the gal and I take a few spins in the booth before his clients were about to arrive. 

Photography always has a romantic way of surprising me. A simple request to take a photo of a random dudes surfboard in the sand in front of his old VW van turned into me interacting with a really cool guy with an even cooler business that left me with a special keepsake that’s now permanently displayed on our fridge.

Thanks again, Tony. Everyone be sure to check out Malibooth