The Revue® Slim Shot 2 Date is one of those obscure cameras that you can’t find very much information on and almost never see pop up for sale. In fact, from what I’ve gathered, not very many people are even aware of it’s existence. Like most of my camera consumption, this one too was discovered by chance and immediately purchased purely for its exterior characteristics. I liked how compact it is, the clamshell design and the no frills point and shoot approach. Not sure if the camera could produce a usable image, I purchased it and had it shipped over from the UK.

Upon receiving it I quickly became enthusiastic about shooting a roll though it but wasn’t too keen on the auto-flash feature that most compacts were equipped with from this era. Perhaps I’m vacuous but no matter what I tried, the flash fired under all conditions including bright daylight (I even tried to block the sensor). Aside from the uncontrollable light bursts, the camera was really fun to use and for someone who loves the vintage snapshot vibe, this would be a great little snapper to tote around. As for me; I like it, I want to love it, but I don’t think we’ll ever get there. Sometimes you have to let go so the right one can find you.

I also shot these photos with it.