I was randomly going down a YouTube rabbit hole last week watching videos on photography and film camera’s because I’m starting a new project where I buy a new camera each month and only shoot with that one camera for the entire month and document my experience with it. Anyway, I don’t know how I ended up on a product review for the Canon® Selphy CP1300 photo printer but I was instantly sold. I’ll admit, it was definitely a 2am impulse buy but buying random stuff is the last of my counter-productive vices and sometimes you just have to live a little. I ordered the printer and some extra inks and photo paper and after turning on the miniature unit I quickly discovered it’s the 4x6 printer that I never knew I wanted but definitely always needed. You can print directly from your camera, SD card or simply through blue-tooth from your phone and within 30 seconds you’ll be holding a quality print at your finger tips. It’s honestly amazing and I highly recommend anyone who is shooting on locations to purchase one so they can leave their clients with an instant tangible keep sake. 

I’ll be including free signed and numbered 4x6 prints in our next SS release. Stay tuned.