I’m sure most of you are stuck inside just like we are. In fact, it’s currently just a couple of us that are physically handling all of the orders which is a really good thing because my OCD and our sanitization game has been next level lately. I mean, I don’t drink anymore but I could swear I caught a little buzz from all of the hand-sanitizer and cleaning spray we’ve been using. Rest assured your packages are heading to you with a lot love and even more attention to detail (as if that was possible). 

It dawned on me today while answering questions in my DM’s about photography advice that I don’t exactly know when us photo makers will be able to pick up our camera and go shoot again, outside – with other humans. Then I was instantly struck with something someone said to me years ago when I first started making photos, “a good photographer can find at least ten photographs to capture in any situation”.  I remember always saying that to myself but somewhere in the transition from hobby to career I lost it. I think it’s beneficial for all creatives to think outside the box or go back to our roots in times like these. Just because we can’t go out doesn’t mean we can’t dive deep into our imagination and creativity while exploring our craft. In trying times like these it’s prudent to escape the uncertainty for a bit and have fun. Put your eye to the viewfinder and take photos of everything that is near you. You might end up pleasantly surprised and even if nothing you capture is ‘post worthy’ you’re still sharpening your perspective and skills during this unpredictable time. And, there’s always FaceTime photoshoots which I’ve been seeing a lot of but that’s a whole other blog entry.