A lot of people message me and ask me how I’ve kept my productivity and spirits high during self isolation and social distancing. The answer is very simple, I consistently condition my mind to be strong. Like a muscle I’m building, I focus to block out all of the harmful thoughts and distractions that try to enter. I don’t focus on how I have to stay inside or all of the bad things going on in the world because let’s face it, I have very little control over that. What I do have control over is myself and the option I have of either being in a good mood or a bad one. I can let the outside noise in and allow it to dictate my mental state or I can simply put the hypothetical earplugs in and get to work. As much as I miss client interactions, being around my friends and working on photoshoots, I can honestly say I have been more productive during this time than I have in the last couple of years, which says a lot because I am in no way a lazy individual. In fact, I feel that this self-sufficient time has been so good that I’m going to try to ride this wave for the rest of 2020 and really see what I can achieve over the next six months. As for people asking me how to stay optimistic in a time of financial uncertainty, I practice what I preach, which means you need to take control of your wealth and not let the idea of a lack of wealth control you. You need to build income streams that cascade through multiple genres because in business, there are always up’s and down’s when it comes to sales (seasons). Make it so when one well is running dry you still have streams coming in from the others. Ask yourself what are you good at?  What’s your passion? If you didn’t have to go to work for a day, what would you rather be doing? What already exists in the market that you can improve? What are you willing to give up in order to have the life you dream of? Find the answers to those questions then start streamlining an agenda and ways you can build a business (or businesses) from your interests. It’s no secret that passion projects tend to turn into the most profitable start-up’s because you’re working from the heart and not focused on a return, which then tends to give the biggest return, both spiritually and financially. There is no question, we are living in weird times, times that I’m sure a lot of us didn’t think we would experience in our life, but this is also a huge opportunity for change. Impactful change that can allow you to set the bar higher for social and personal standards but ultimately where you land on the other side of this is completely up to you. How hard you’re willing to work for what you truly want?

Focus, be passionate, live from your heart and not old ideas… create something beautiful.


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