I was in a bind and needed to source a 107” backdrop so I could start shooting Youtube content. The 53” paper roll that I use for product shots wasn’t cutting it and I needed to figure out where I could get a neutral grey seamless without having to order one online and wait for delivery or drive all the way to Samy’s in WeHo. I remembered there was a local camera store that I bought my first camera at twelve years ago. I wondered if they were still business so I did a quick google search and gave them a call. What do you know, they answered. I couldn’t believe it and even more of a miracle, they had the color and size that I was looking for. A huge thank you to Hooper Camera in Thousand Oaks and to the super nice dudes that took care of me. They even gave me a great price and put the backdrop in the car for me. Honestly, I don’t think I’ll be purchasing any more studio goods online. The fact that this place is still in business during the era of overnight delivery is a testament to how much the community still wants to touch and see and play with items in person. Especially when photography is such a huge part of our lives. And for all of my local analog shooters, they sell film cameras, all types of films and even offer a processing and developing service.