Face masks have always been a popular thing in Eastern countries due to the smog and air quality in those regions but due to the current Covid-19 climate and vast numbers of those being infected skyrocketing daily, we’re now starting to see masks being worn on our home turf. Westerners are embracing the new accessory and big box luxury brands are implementing their own take on the apparatus as a way of showing good faith in these trying times. Or so I would like to believe that’s their motive. Though I do appreciate their ingenuity and resourcefulness when it comes to using current technologies, it would be hard to dismiss the fact that majority of the brands that are now transitioning their product developments into a singular objective are doing so without applying the proper filtration system (N95) that will block out (or keep in) the virus. So, are they supplying the masses with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) or is this just simply strategic branding? I would love to sit here and say that we are all sticking through this together without any ulterior motives but that would be naive, especially from a marketing standpoint.